The Real-Deal, No-BS Bottom Line of Your Company’s “Big Idea” – and how it’s going to take you to the moon & beyond.

Let’s get this out of the way: The idea that branding is some mystical, hocus-pocus pseudo-science dreamed-up by kale-smoking advertising hippies is just not true. In fact, branding has real value. Real, mathematically proven, ROI-boosting value – whether you’re B2B, B2C, or somewhere in-between.

Our strategic gurus crunched the numbers to prove it:

“64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.” – Harvard Business Review*

“91% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from an authentic brand.” – Adweek*

“90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, making it vital for companies to evoke positive emotions.” – ISPO news*

Brand is the unsung hero of the world’s most successful companies; the rocket fuel; the invisible force behind every buyer-decision; the magic combination of words and images that prompts you to choose one bottle of H2O over another. At MACLYN, we’ve helped clients of just about every industry win the advertising war, and our greatest weapon is and always has been the mighty Brand. (See? We love Brand so much, we just made it a proper noun.)

Now, let’s get down to business. More specifically, your business – and how the power of Brand can transform everything from your company culture to your bottom line.

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Immediately Elevate Your Company’s Value.

When MACLYN crafted a Brand for Maul, the paving company began attracting bigger clients and winning high-profile contracts. That’s the ROI of an idea.

The truth is: Consumers want to fall in love. At a conscious level, they may think they “just want to buy a product.” But, as the market research shows, they really want to fall head-over-heels for an “authentic Brand” that “share[s] [their] values” (Adweek and Harvard Business Review, respectively). They’re looking for much more than just value; and the companies that offer that “reason to believe” are ones that win.

Give your target market a reason to fall in love, and they will. It’s nearly impossible to have genuine feelings for even the best product/service – but, it’s easy to fall in love with an idea. We do it every day.

In the wise, slightly altered words of pop-icon P!nk, “Just give me a reason… and I can learn to love [your Brand].”

Win the Battle for Consumer Loyalty.

Nothing builds consumer loyalty like a box of munchkins in the morning. So, to remind the world why they love Dunkin’, MACLYN orchestrated the heroic Breakfast Boost Giveaway.

The battle for consumer loyalty cannot be won through logic alone. You need to win their hearts & minds, a mission that only a Brand can accomplish (of course, a little bribery doesn’t hurt [see above]).

A good product with solid value may convince a rational consumer** to buy it once. But, a good product with a badass Brand will have them buying it over & over again based on principle alone. Pretty powerful, right?

**Note: The phrase “rational consumers” is in the same camp as sasquatches, rainbow-flatulating unicorns, and (for fans of obscure post-modern literature) the mythical land of Vheissu.

Lead the Conversation.

Until recently, most of the world perceived the City of Altoona as a “small, sleepy town.” MACLYN changed the conversation, crafting a bold anthem that has ignited an economic development revolution.  

It’s inevitable; the public is going to talk about your Brand. You’re in the limelight. You’re like that popular kid at school with the cool hair and the electric, heavily modified moped. You just can’t be ignored.

Of course, when people are talking about you on a daily basis, they’re going to say some less-than-flattering things. So… what’s a Brand to do?

Don’t just watch the conversation – take control of it. When you’re engaging your targets with a strong Brand, you can frame their conversation: Change the subject. Determine how your Brand is being discussed. Make them play by your rules using your terms. That’s why Brand is so powerful. You’re setting the tone. You’re driving the discussion. You’re in charge.

To quote a fairly well-known employee of the fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper: “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

Recruit Seriously Badass Talent.

MACLYN’s inviting the next generation of leaders to “explore a Brave New Everything” at West Monroe Partners.

Talented, career-driven people have earned the right to be choose-y. They only join companies they believe in, organizations that share their values and promise to elevate both their career & their life.

A strong Brand not only elevates your value to potential customers; it attracts the kind of badass talent that will take your business to the moon & beyond.

Strengthen Your Company Culture.

To launch the medical technology giant’s new Brand, MACLYN brought together IMRIS’ global network of employees for a massive “launch party.” It included an immersive Brand experience and a mind-blowing black-box theatre production.

Working for a Brand-less company is like dancing without music. It can be done, but you’ll feel pretty awkward doing it – and probably start asking some existential questions while going through the motions.

The right Brand can have a profound impact on your company culture, uniting your employees and generating perpetual, everyday energy. For new recruits, it’s a rallying cry – an easy way to understand the company philosophy and get passionate about their work. For seasoned veterans, it’s a daily reminder of why they do what they do.

Rocket Past the Competition.

While the rest of the medical technology industry showcased cold machines in sterile environments, MACLYN brought warmth, color & humanity to the IMRIS Brand. Oh, and ballerinas, too.

The world’s most successful Brands are winners because they stepped away from the crowd. They carved their own niche in the world and invited like-minded people to join them, identify with their mission, and, of course, buy their product. They chose to be different, proving that “bravery” is branding’s greatest virtue.

That’s what makes a company special. And that’s what makes them unstoppable. They’ve unleashed the power of the Brand.

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