the challenge

LABS had an awareness & perception problem. The target market perceived them as “intimidating” and “elite,” while their unique location hid them from public view: literally and figuratively.

the solution

We gave the gym some sick gains with “Chase Your Victory”, a brand that invites athletes of every level to experience the gold-medal treatment. Through powerful branding & strategic implementation, we generated new leads, shifted public perception, and significantly grew their market awareness.


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Social Media

Research & Discovery:

Understanding LABS Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified LABS’ target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Google Analytics and other data sources.

Creative Brand

Inviting Target Markets to Chase
Their Victory

During the research & discovery phase, we identified LABS’ target markets. Then – with heroic imagery, underwater photography and a bold call-to-action – we created a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style that invites these athletes to chase their victory.

MACLYN developed a new, UX/UI-friendly
website imbued with LABS’ brand promise.

Website Development:

Creating a New Home for Victory

Targeted Digital Advertising:

Chasing Victory on the Google Playing Field

Promising an elite experience to local athletes of every level, MACLYN’s targeted digital advertising campaign generated a massive wave of new leads.

LABS gives the everyman the elite Olympian treatment, and they needed the photography to match. We made the investment for gold medal photography and art direction, and executed it for the perfect 10.


The Everyman is Elite

Content Curation:

Making a Thought-
Leadership MVP

Strong brands engage their targets by leading conversations. To establish LABS as an industry thought-leader, we crafted engaging, thought-provoking content that showcases the brand’s insider sports knowledge.

As LABS grew, a new, significantly younger target market emerged. We created Victor E – the big-hearted, 8-tentacled mascot of LABS – to connect with the new generation and teach them what it means to Chase Your Victory.
Brand Engagement:

Winning the
Next Generation

the results

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