The search is over.

It’s easy to think of Google as an omniscient overlord, but it’s a business, and same as yours: it wants to provide its customers the best experience. For search engines, that means linking to the most credible, trustworthy sites. When someone types in “shoe store”, they want the best possible results: why show a link to a shoe store that hasn’t been updated in 10 years?
Getting you higher in the list of search results is paramount, and it’s one of our many specialties. We are experts at search engine optimization (SEO) and here’s how we do it.



Does your site look like it was designed for Are your weblinks more broken than our spirits after watching the Game of Thrones finale? Then we’ve got a process in place to help you.

1. comprehensive audit


The first thing we do is a cleanup. You’ve got to fix the foundation before you redecorate the house, so before we execute the big tactics, we ensure you’re not held back by easily fixable roadblocks: does every page have a title tag, how’s the metadata, do you have duplicates, is there keyword stuffing, and so on and so on.

2. web & content management


Next, we get optimizing your website for what people are searching for. The goal is to get found when someone’s searching for something related to you, ideally to rank #1 after paid results, on the first page.

The way to do this is establish your web authority: Google ranks your reputation on how recent and relevant you are. We’ll explain the technical details later, but it’s okay: you can smile and nod and we’ll make sure you’ve got the right site.


3. keywords


From there, we develop an SEO strategy and maintain your rank and build digital cred with fresh content and blogs. We build in the right keywords to not only be more informative and precise, but also boost your search engine rankings (these pages are enriched with them, shhhh). Oh, and don’t forget about local SEO. Isn’t that right, “Des Moines SEO company”? 😉