the challenge

The Iowa Finance Authority makes life better for Iowans. It’s that simple. The problem? In 2015, most people had no idea about the organization’s statewide programs – or their impact.

the solution

We approached sometimes serious subjects with fun, approachable creative work and effective strategic implementation. Our team educates the Iowa market on the organization’s services and impact, and continues to establish IFA as the go-to-service for communities and home-buyers.


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Digital Annual Report:

Causing a Chain Reaction

The Iowa Finance Authority makes a major impact; and not just on the families and individuals they help. When someone gets a home, it resonates through the rest of the community. It opens doors and changes lives. Inspired by the Rube Goldberg machine, we gave a firsthand look at the 2019 chain reactions that changed everything.

Ripples Become Waves

It was a data-driven campaign. Through fun but functional design, we broke down the 2,014 Iowans who became homeowners, the 465 military service members and veterans assisted, 552 families gaining access to homes, 4,457 jobs created, and $1 million kept in Iowa for housing programs through Iowa Title Guaranty.

Community Celebration Event:

A Gingerbread Guinness World Record

In 2019, IFA helped a record number of Iowans purchase a home. To celebrate and raise awareness, we decided to BUILD a record number of homes: well, gingerbread homes. MACLYN made Yuletide magic, pulling out all the stops and meeting all the tight guidelines at the big Gingerbread Junction event. With 265 people simultaneously building gingerbread houses at the same time, we set a Guinness World Record. Does this put us on the nice list?
housing iowa Campaign:

Bring it Home

We got spirit, how ‘bout you? To get attendees riled up about the various tracks and topics, we made them go root root root for the homes team. We charged to the endzone on the high school homecoming-themed event, creating collateral like a suite of emails from the “coach” to promote and remind, local balloon artist arches, popcorn and football-style concessions, and a giant vinyl football field graphic. Put us in, coach!
Annual Report:

Looking at the Big Picture

The Iowa Finance Authority offers a big range of services – so big, it can be difficult to see the whole picture. We took things down a size. With our “Big Picture: Iowa” campaign, our team represented the organization’s programs and partners as a typical Iowa community. Users can visit our town, navigate its friendly, animated streets, and learn how Iowa Finance Authority’s programs have rippled throughout their county, district and state.

Digital Annual Report:

Big-Time Services, Small-Town Values

Each year, we create a user-friendly annual report to show the world what’s happening at the Iowa Finance Authority. 2017’s report is an immersive digital experience, welcoming users to a “small town” website with interactive data maps and lively animation.

Video Testimonials:

Your Next-Door Neighbors Explain IFA

If you want to learn about something in your community, you probably ask your neighbors. Our “Neighbors” testimonials spotlight real Iowans who have benefitted from the Iowa Finance Authority’s services. The quick, easy-to-digest videos put faces to IFA’s programs and help users see the impact in different communities.

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