content marketing

Content makes contact.

Content marketing is a strategy based on synthesizing and spreading valuable, relevant, relatable, and compelling content to your audience, and enticing them towards brand loyalty with education, feeling, humor, or all of the above. TLDR: keep scrolling down the page, and we’ll explain.

sales with strategy


Rather than just screaming a message without a target, a good content marketing strategy will be useful and laser-focused. It’s about creating value and reeling in the prospect. The best content strategy will make a consumer think it was their idea to buy, making it a strong profitability agent.


making sales & connections


The trick is to supplement and side-step your main message, and slide your meaning and message in there through new and engaging forms from traditional old ads.
Wendy’s sassy roasts on Twitter? Content marketing. The Skittles Broadway Musical they produced instead of a Super Bowl commercial? Content marketing. KFC creating a whole Dungeons & Dragons-esque board game to promote fried chicken? AND a dating simulator where you flirt with a manga-style Colonel Sanders? …okay, weird. But still Con.Tent. Marketing.

boosting your brand


Content doesn’t just give your clients value: it gets them to see your brand in the first place. We generate new content with the right keywords to keep your web reputation strong and bump you up higher in the search results.

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