the challenge

PAC-MAN Entertainment is an interdimensional realm of 8-bit awesome, boasting an arcade, bowling, full service restaurant, office meeting spaces, sports bar and more. BANDAI-NAMCO, (creators of the iconic ghost-chomping PAC-MAN) needed to broaden the appeal of their flagship entertainment destination beyond its loyal but niche audience, and bridge the gap between savvy soccer mom and pop culture obsessed gamer.

the solution

Everyone needs a Player 1 and Player 2: we created a 2-prong approach that would play together within the larger messaging game to tap into our target markets. Our “Play Together Again” campaign captured and combined the nostalgia of the arcade with the idea of social interaction for the sophisticated gamer, while their new “Replay the Moment” brand identity invited everyone – from families to die-hard gamers – to make unforgettable memories and enjoy the world of PAC-MAN again and again.

After boosting sales by 10% in the first year alone, we’re now helping BANDAI-NAMCO hit new high scores as they franchise across the country.


Content Creation
Graphic Design
Web Design

Creative Brand

Replay the Moment

Games are great, but they’re really a gateway – the real fun is in the Moments. Those awesome, unforgettable memories you want to replay again and again and again. When the venue refocused as a family entertainment franchise and the rebrand needed a refresh, we built a new identity revolving around these Moments, that plays perfectly with our earlier anthem to #PlayTogetherAgain.

We coded the initial website with a focus on fun, holistic design, and gamer speak galore. When designing the new umbrella site to each of the PAC-MAN Entertainment entities, we used our film and content creation experts to show off a super fun world that put the ‘tech’ in ‘technicolor’ (What can we say: we got game).


Game On

Food Photography:

For the

We art-directed our elite shoot to ensure every byte of gamer gourmet was a mouth-watering power-up (and contained a hidden PAC-MAN in every dish).

Omnichannel Brand Presence::

Scoring Awareness & Consideration

We implemented the PAC-MAN Entertainment brand across all channels, from social platforms and digital advertising to in-store branding and targeted emails.

MACLYN transformed PAC-MAN Entertainment’s social media presence into a treasure trove of pop-culture “Easter eggs”. Playful gaming references and irresistible food abounds, engaging gamers and foodies alike. Meanwhile, “Giant PAC-MAN Selfie Contests”, comic convention partnerships, and other promotions keep fans coming back to PAC-MAN Entertainment.


Follow PAC-MAN through the Social Media Maze

Experiential Installation:

Honoring an
8-Bit Icon

MACLYN created The Legacy of the Legend, an interactive museum that follows PAC-MAN’s journey: from his humble beginnings as a sketch of a pizza, to international fame. With wall-to-wall yellow goodness, fan art, and a timeline shaped like the iconic maze, the installation builds healthy nostalgia for BANDAI NAMCO’s flagship IP, while introducing a new generation to the phenomenon of PAC-MAN Fever.

Getting on the
Google Leaderboard

Chasing the ghosts in the machine, we optimize relevant
search-engine results for PAC-MAN Entertainment, driving
our target markets to the new website.
MACLYN always goes for the 1-up. We target PAC-MAN Entertainment’s wide-ranging market with curated digital advertising and email content – driving traffic to the new website, where we collect user data for further targeted marketing.

Fostering Foodies, Families & Pop-Culture Fanatics


Get with the Program

We extensively worked with NAMCO to design how their locations could look as they take their franchise to the next level.

the results

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