the challenge

Tall order: take a 140 year old hardware brand, and honor its legacy while simultaneously swinging it into the future. Then, we heard a story about a 92 year old piece of hardware made for the Rockefeller family that still works like it’s brand new.

the solution

RW Hardware doesn’t follow trends: they create them. Like the products they forge against rain, wind, humidity and humanity, RW doesn’t just endure: they hold strong. By presenting RW as keepers of craft, quality, and longevity, we’re helping the original innovators keep on track for another 140 years.


Brand Development
Web Design
Data Management
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Social Media Management
Experiential Events



It all started with two letters seared into steel: RW. We created a film forged in fire, grit, and tenacity to make our mark on the digital arena and live in different iterations on RW social, the new website and more.


An Ironclad Identity
that Holds Strong

After conversations with clients that have been with RW Hardware for generations and employees that have been with them for decades, the bold new brand was forged from 140 years of history, experience and excellence. With a look inspired by RW Hardware’s turn-of-the-century catalogs, and a voice that captures their enduring drive for timeless craftsmanship, MACLYN crafted a presence that sums up centuries.


A Digital Experience Hinged on Quality

A brand hinged on quality and smooth operation should have the web user experience to match. We completely rebuilt the RW Hardware website with revamped utility and design that honored the brand’s bold and refined aesthetic. Visitors can more easily find products and explore case studies across a wide swing of industries, from RW Hardware’s restoration of a historical mansion, to a New England life-saving station.

Email Campaigns:

Steel their Attention

Multi-channel communication should guide your audience on the right track. Our email campaigns to a vast range of clients and prospects helps drive traffic to RW Hardware’s sleek new website and more.

With their trademark rustic chic look, RW Hardware collateral slides effortlessly into the target’s social feeds.

Sizzling Social Content

Thought Leadership:

Forging Ahead

RW Hardware doesn’t follow trends: they forge new ones. Our
in-depth case studies showcase how RW Hardware continues to
drive thought leadership for 140 years and counting.


A Roaring Good Tradeshow

The client now forges the way at tradeshows with a roaring presence. With a video loop of a charging rhino paired with pulse-pounding sound effects and beating drums, the RW Hardware zoo crowding gate closes over the screen in time to contain the rampaging rhino. It’s safe to say people flocked to the RW Hardware booth (and turned their treadmill a notch faster at the hotel gym just to be safe).

the results

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