the challenge

“The Homestead” was ready to grow into a national autism organization, but the market perceived them as “small-time” and “local.”

the solution

Through emotional branding & strategic implementation, MACLYN rebranded the organization as “Balance Autism,” focusing on their innovative balance of science with imagination, “to bring balance to the lives of the families [they] serve.”


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design
Social Media Management

Creative Brand Development:

Balance to Life

MACLYN crafted a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style that shifts market perceptions, elevating Balance Autism to a national leader.
Cinematic Storytelling:

Forming an Emotional Connection with Parents

Inspired by real-life stories, MACLYN crafted a series of cinematic narratives designed to form emotional connections with our target markets. The first video tells the story of a mother struggling to connect with her son at the most basic level, a struggle that any parent can understand.

Website Development:

Creating a Home for Balance

MACLYN developed a new, UX/UI-friendly website imbued with Balance Autism’s brand promise.
Cinematic Storytelling:

Reaching an Adult Audience through Authenticity

We connected with adults living with autism – a key target market – through the story of Olivia, an adult who finds balance in life. MACLYN teamed-up with a real-life client to connect with this audience and illustrate the full scope & impact of Balance Autism’s services.
To launch the new brand, MACLYN created an immersive experience – honoring the organization’s rich history while introducing employees, clients and the greater community to the new brand.
Immersive Brand-Launch Experience:

Bringing Balance to the World

Recruitment Campaigns:

Balance takes Talent

As a booming organization, Balance Autism is always hiring. To attract and retain professionals with the proper training and patience, we created a series of videos celebrating the satisfying challenges and fulfilling rewards of working with Iowa’s foremost autism organization.

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