the challenge

Oswald’s, Naperville’s oldest family-owned-and-operated pharmacy, has been a constant for families throughout the last 145 years. But as the store changed ownership to the next generation in the middle of a pandemic, they needed a new script to lead the way again.

the solution

In tandem with a fresh new brand, our PR professionals put their skills to the test to keep this community gem turning with the times for a new generation.


Media Relations
Media Monitoring
Experiential Activation
Brand Development
Graphic Design



Coverage is where it counts: in healthcare, and in media. A 145-year old family owned and operated business blasting through COVID is big news: especially if they’d been through the Spanish Flu, too. Our team of PR professionals coordinated a blitz of human interest – and human traffic – flowing through the old standby.

Pitch the Prescription

We used our extensive network of contact and pitching skills to put out Oswald’s story to interested parties, timed to the minute it’d be most likely to be viewed in an inbox. The complete choreographed effort scored 57 media mentions to an audience of 12,501,496 for an overall value of $695,758.
Experimental Activation

Mom & Pop-Up

Where do we honor history, but a museum? We partnered with Naper Settlement to combine artifacts with the family’s own personal effects. Securing local coverage to further boost traffic, guests could take an in-store tour through antiquity and celebrate the legacy of entrepreneurship and community care.
“Where Wonder Meets Wellness” captures that uniquely Oswald magic. With a fresh new logo that matches the wonderment inside the store, and a holistic brand presence that matches their method of holistic wellness, Oswald’s is primed for another century and a half of success.

Where Wonder Meets Wellness

Brand Collateral:

Stamp of Approval

Oswald’s is all about the personal touch. From a personalized window cling, to artisanal stamps to mark the white paper bags, our range of print and brand collateral was designed to leave a lasting impression.

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