the challenge

Scientel Solutions is up there with the world’s leading innovators, delivering high-tech solutions like Drone Defense and Smart City Infrastructure. They’re basically the James Bond-meets-MacGyver of tech companies. Unfortunately, when we first met them, Scientel’s outdated brand and website were holding them back.

the solution

In 2020, MACLYN partnered with Scientel to rebrand their company. We developed a new visual identity, core message and website that reflect their vast capabilities and innovative spirit… while imbuing their brand with the “cool factor” they deserve.


Brand Development
Website Development
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creation


Branding a

What does the technology company of the future look like? Inspired by a mix of today’s leading tech brands, as well as the startups that are pioneering the industry, Scientel’s visual identity positions the company as a sophisticated leader with a creative edge.
We chose a deep indigo as the primary color. This set the foundation for a sleek, dramatic atmosphere, where striking imagery is illuminated by pops of lighter pigments.

Meanwhile, recurring elements like the “Line of Connectivity” – a luminescent trail of light that draws connections between Scientel technologies and end-users – give the brand its distinctly futuristic character. A sleek custom icon system was also derived from this visual concept, supplying a system to distinguish industries and services throughout the brand.


Evolving the Scientel Story

To create Scientel’s new core message, we shifted the focus from what they do to who they are. In a nutshell, Scientel is a network of very smart people who solve extremely complex challenges using advanced technology. And, if the technology doesn’t exist, they invent it. That simple, refreshingly straightforward identity statement has the flexibility to stay with Scientel for years to come, reminding their team and their customers who they are and the incredible things they are capable of doing.

We knew that the new Scientel website would be many users’ first interaction with the brand, so we wanted to make it an experience they’d remember.

While Scientel’s former site was bogged down with heavy content and a confusing structure, the new site is clean, responsive and user-friendly. draws users in with its cinematic homepage, tellingthe story of the brand through animated imagery and short blocks of copy.

Website Development:

Building a Website Worthy of an Innovator

As they continue to explore, users are encouraged to interact with dynamic content, which is regularly updated to feature new products and address topical issues. Meanwhile, interesting visual effects – like curved layouts, text fades, parallax graphics and the occasional flying drone – keep things light and fun. We always give users a reason to keep exploring.
Content creation:

Ebook Series

MACLYN created a customizable, branded Ebook template, allowing Scientel to publish an ongoing series of Ebooks covering hot topics like Drone Defense, Smart Cities and more. With this tool, Scientel can go deep into specific issues within certain verticals—educating their target markets while demonstrating their knowledge and promoting their services.

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