The Meaning of MACLYN

our motto

Everything that ‘works’ was once a crazy idea.

Flight used to be a miracle: now it’s a routine. Someday, someone will complain “ughh, I have to go to MARS again.”

At MACLYN, we do what works. We’ve got a modular marketing system that pairs brilliant ideas with sound strategy and hard work. As your marketing consultant, our goal is to make you so successful, people take it for granted.

Because what works is what wins.

our method

There’s no such thing as B2B or B2C. There is only person to person.

So at our marketing agency, big ideas meet intimate details. Bleeding-edge tools meet a tender touch. Tried-and-true technique meets calculated risk.

That’s what MACLYN is all about. It was true when our partners’ daughters combined their names to make MACLYN 25 years ago, and it’s true now.




We live for the moment when it all clicks. The moment where it all makes sense. When it all works. What works is different for every client, every situation. As your total marketing partner, we want what works for YOU.




Our services range from marketing advisory and brand development to technology solutions, content creation, SEO, PR and more. We have the ability to perform all of your marketing services (you can even outsource your CMO with us) or, we can supplement your current capabilities.

At the end of the day, we bring together smart people with good ideas and the right technology – and we like to pull off the impossible before breakfast.

our mantra


MACLYN is where creativity has a compass.
Where we’re an advertising agency loyal to the client, not the catchphrase.
Where heart meets hustle.
Where ego gets checked at the door. (MACLYN is like, RIDICULOUSLY humble. No one is humbler than us. Modesty world champs.)
Where we believe good marketing and good business are one in the same.
Where the experts are always learning.
Where we work smarter AND harder.
Where we’re nimble. Adaptable. Authentic. Attentive. Honest. Durable. Intentional. Intimate. Creative. Considerate. Fun.
Where we do what works.