your total marketing partner

our mantra

The world is complicated enough, so we keep things simple. Do what works. Guided by those three small but mighty words, MACLYN brings together a complete range of marketing services to help your entire business succeed today and be ready for tomorrow. 

our story

Founded in ’95, we built MACLYN based on the principle that good marketing and good business are the same thing. We serve clients in a variety of B2B and B2C industries, but we specialize in serving government organizations, economic development initiatives, technology companies, food brands, and small businesses.

our value

MACLYN is your total marketing partner. Our services range from marketing advisory and brand development to technology solutions, content creation, SEO, PR and more. We have the ability to perform all of your marketing services – you can even outsource your CMO with us – or, we can supplement your current capabilities. At the end of the day, we bring together smart people with good ideas and the right technology to do what works for you, our client.

our people

Meet MACLYN’s Finest.


Bill Murphy | Managing Partner

People often ask Bill why he went into marketing. For him, it’s simple. Love. He loves it when a client gives us a challenge to solve. He loves watching our incredibly talented people immerse themselves in solving that challenge. Then, he loves watching the transformation. He loves to affect change.
That’s why, after 18 years, Bill still loves coming to work every day. When he’s not working, Bill can usually be found spending time with his wife, two daughters and three dogs (yes, three). For Bill, pure happiness is spending time with that crazy crew somewhere in the Northwoods.

Marc Hausmann | Founding Partner

Marc’s been here since the beginning, in 1995, when he built MACLYN from the ground up. He believes that relationships are the most important thing. Focus on relationships first, and the rest will fall into place. Today, Marc continues to bring good people and good businesses together. His humble attitude and straightforward philosophy are the heart and soul of MACLYN, and his vision – a company founded on relationships – shows us the way forward.

Courtney Healy | Strategy Director

Courtney has a knack for identifying patterns and seeing opportunities where others don’t. For about a decade, she’s worked on the MACLYN team, where she leads research projects, builds marketing plans, and thinks both strategically and creatively for our clients. Courtney’s specialties are government and economic development, but her research skills and analytic mind make her an asset for any business. Courtney loves her family, her community, and her work. She also loves competing for culinary supremacy at MACLYN’s annual chili cook-off.

Ray Kinney | Founding Partner

Ray, who’s been with MACLYN since the very beginning, is known around Naperville and beyond as a community-builder. Ray currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Naperville Development Partnership, Choose DuPage, Little Friends, and the Rob Koranda Scholarship Foundation. He has served as a Trustee at North Central College for more than 20 years. Additionally, Ray was a Founding Director of First Community Financial Bank, now Busey Bank, where he continues to serve on the Northern Illinois Advisory Board. Those are only a handful of the organizations Ray has supported and lead. He’s an active volunteer, and he’s always looking for ways to give back to those who are less fortunate. Ray invests nearly all of his time and energy – and he has a LOT of energy – in supporting people, businesses, and the greater community.


Mike Naples | Creative Director

Mike is both a team leader and a creative juggernaut.

For nearly two decades, Mike has developed globally recognized brands like Dunkin’, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, all while moonlighting as a world-renowned oil painter. He’s kind of a big deal.

Today, as MACLYN’s Creative Director, Mike helps lead our team to bring success to our clients.

Lauren Koeller | Vice President, Public Relations

Lauren is our resident Media Relations specialist.

For more than 20 years, she has honed her skills at big-name PR/Media agencies, managing public relations and leading national, multi-faceted campaigns for clients like Milk, Big Ten, Athletico, Taco Bell, Pepsi, and Campbell’s Soup. Now, her mission is to frame the way the world sees our clients.

On any given day, Lauren captures limelight in a bottle, puts things in perspective, wrangles the media, moves the movers, shakes the shakers, and brings our brands to center stage.

Kevin McMaster | Senior Account Executive

Kevin knows that – in business, family and life in general – relationships are what really matter. (Although, martinis are pretty important, too.) He works every day to nurture MACLYN’s relationships with clients by delivering great work that gets results.

As a manager, marketer and communicator, Kevin learned everything he knows from tenures at Hollywood Casino Joliet and the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. He takes a big-picture approach to marketing. He’s always thinking about how all the pieces work together to make a real impact on the client’s business. Good marketing is like a good cocktail: When everything works in total harmony, a kind of magic happens.

In addition to being an effective marketer, Kevin is just ridiculously fun to be around, which is probably why he has a habit of turning good clients into good friends.

Season Travelbee | Associate Creative Director

Season has a background in journalism, digital design and advertising. She’s built her skillset by designing newspapers, copy-editing, designing apps and websites, and developing branding and campaigns. Season has a critical eye for small details, but she also steps back and wrangles big-picture ideas.

At MACLYN, Season uses her unique background to craft holistic experiences and tell big stories. She loves building content-driven creative that’s functional and beautiful. She’s inspired by flea-market finds, engaging reporting, exploring our National Parks, and truly excellent ice cream.


Troy Kelleher | Senior Creative

Troy’s worked at MACLYN for about six years. He writes, creates content, and brings together all the elements of marketing to make your business smarter. Troy thinks that all of his clients are cool, but he loves working with small businesses and anything to do with technology.

Troy likes thinking about the big picture, how all the pieces fit together to create something more powerful than the sum of its parts. He’s inspired by companies like Apple, where the product and the marketing are seamless.

Ian Rigg | Senior Copywriter

How to describe Ian… ooooh boy. He’s a Writer/Actor/Singer/Adman/Madman/Photographer/Video Editor/Eternal Optimist/Comic Book Junkie/David Bowie Believer/Halloween Zealot/Vampiric Dandy/Vinyl Appreciator/5.0 Uber Rating/Chimneysweep/Kite Salesman/One Man Band In The Park/Chalk Artist/Parenting Counselor/Penguin Tapdancer.

Think of him like a Willy Wonka, with greater respect for child safety. He….

Look, he’ll do whatever it takes to make really kickass creative work for you, okay?

Rebecca Cravatta | Art Director

Rebecca has been part of the MACLYN team for 3 years, utilizing her background in Visual Communications Design & Advertising. Whether she’s establishing the aesthetic of a new brand, bringing ads to life through animation, or diving into a UI/UX project, her role as an Art Director is never dull.

Rebecca appreciates working with various teammates on a variety of clients to solve for how custom strategy, beautiful messaging and the right visuals can unite to create the ideal brand experience.

These days, she always looks forward to surprising her coworkers with creative and/or random virtual backgrounds on ZOOM calls.

Erin Byrne | Art Director

Erin’s worked on the MACLYN team for more than three years. With a degree in Advertising and Visual Media Design, she uses her skills in animation, graphic design and art direction to tell visual stories for a variety of exciting brands. 

In her role as Art Director, Erin brings together her passion for advertising & art to build distinctive creative work. Whether she’s creating fun animations and videos, playing around with color theory, or developing brands and campaigns, she finds there is never a dull moment at MACLYN.


Carly Slomski | Account Executive

Carly joined MACLYN in 2019, bringing her experience from various marketing roles, such as brand account manager, social media strategist, and marketing analyst. Her attention to detail, fantastically color-coded organizational system, and dedication to teamwork helps projects move seamlessly from ideation to execution. Carly started her career working at The Journeys Group, and has managed brand accounts such as adidas, Converse, DC Comics and more.

Carly’s inspiration comes from her desire to take care of others, especially when they are counting on her to get the job done! She can always be found sporting a smile and spreading her positivity throughout the office.

Stephanie Snyder | Content Creator & Account Manager

Meet Steph. She’s a photographer, a writer, an editor, a videographer, a content creator, a social media manager and a people-person… to name a few. At MACLYN, Steph uses every single one of her skills to help our clients reach their goals. Where does her inspiration come from? Maybe towards the bottom of the coffee pot… but mostly from the world around her—virtually or right outside the door

Kira Ryan | Junior Strategic Planner

Kira comes from a background in all things digital—social media, Google ads and search engine optimization, to name a few. She’s worked with clients from a variety of industries: automotive, B2B, home improvement, restaurants and more. 

At MACLYN, Kira specializes mainly in marketing strategy, but also web development and SEO. She also helps with social media content creation.

Kira’s inspired by the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. She aspires to learn more and do more, always finding ways to be more efficient and contribute to the success of the company.

Abbey Bobzin | Media Relations Account Executive

Abbey joined MACLYN after working across nonprofit and corporate spaces in the entertainment, hospitality, and tourism industries for Six Flags Great America, Naper Settlement, and Chicago Fringe Festival.

While Abbey’s primary prowess is in public relations, she’s a Jackie of all trades—with experience in crisis communication, event planning, content creation, social media strategy, marketing, and website management. With a degree in Theatre and Graphic Design, Abbey’s here to use analytics, strategy, and her visual storytelling roots to captivate audiences with your message.