When you’re building a brand, you’re building a belief system. And it becomes your company culture.

Because a brand is an anthem. And it’s nothing if your people don’t believe.

It’s about getting your employees to care passionately about their career and its cause.

If everyone took care to foster an electric culture, turnover nightmares would be a thing of the past. People don’t leave jobs – they leave stale, toxic cultures.

When you create a place people want to work, they will want to work.

(Go figure, right?)

They’ll have careers, not jobs. They’ll have dreams, not dread. And you’ll have followers, not employees. And they’ll feel like they have comrades in a noble mission. When they feel like a team, rather than disparate workers who don’t even say hello, amazing things will happen. And you won’t have dissent and discord (remember that a small number of colonists defeated a global superpower over unfair taxes on tea).

It’s important to do it right. Your brand can’t just be the fun, quirky façade you put on the outside of the building – you’ve gotta trick out the interior, too.

That means more than just a foosball table or a keg in the breakroom. More than just attractive vacation packages and merely caring about your employees (yes – in what will shock too many, caring for your people is the bare minimum).

If not for the sake of your employees, then do it for entirely selfish reasons. Here’s a memo for any 19th century robber barons who happen to be reading this through their monocle: your company culture directly benefits you.

When you treat your employees well, your margins will reap the benefits. With the rise of ethical consumerism, scores of customers won’t support a company that creates a hostile work environment, and will actively support organizations that exalt their employees. So a strong and supportive company culture helps cement your brand supremacy externally just as much as it does internally.

And not only that, but when your crew believes in your company, success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your values and vigorous views will drive an infectious work ethic. People will go above and beyond. When they follow the brand beliefs as if they were issued by a prophet, you’re ready to profit. Your treatment of your workers directly reflects who you are, and who you are affects your bottom line.

So what values do you embrace? How are you going to inspire your team? If you take care of that, only one question remains:

What is your brand?


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