At the start of 2016 we can’t help but ask, “what’s next?” in the world of digital marketing. Between ad blocking and ever-changing algorithms, learning how to speak conversationally as a brand is crucial. It’s essential that marketers adapt in order to keep up with shifts in the way people consume social media.

While pay-to-play becomes a thing of the past, marketers will have to level up their strategy and influencer game in order to maintain relevance organically.

Here are advertising and marketing trends to watch out for in 2016:

1. Optimize for on-platform success and conversation

Snapchat and Instagram do a fantastic job at keeping a closed system, meaning users barely exit their walls when viewing content. Twitter users are increasingly hesitant to click on links and Facebook has made several efforts to keep users from leaving their site. Brands will need to optimize for on-platform conversations. Minimize click-through links on social media posts to encourage more conversation.

2. Videos will get crowded and complicated

Optimizing a video per platform is essential to bolster its chances for success. It can start at YouTube, but needs to be re-shaped for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Single videos should be tailored for different audiences and cultural norms of each platform.

Ad-Blocking software has risen within one year.

3. Ad-blocking software on the rise

The use of ad-blocking software has risen 48% within a year. Taking advantage of native advertising in 2016 might be a way to begin re-thinking the role of digital in campaigns.

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