We are hiring an Account Executive to attract and retain clients in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

As an Account Executive at our Naperville HQ, you will actively create and pursue leads, while making sure our clients get the love, attention and results they deserve.

Before you apply, you should know:

At MACLYN, we are not an average creative + strategic agency. In fact, we are the Enemy of Average. (But you already knew that.)

As the Enemy of Average, we need an Account Executive who is just plain awesome. You are both strategically minded and socially engaging. You are the kind of person who walks into a lunch meeting and walks out with a signed contract in hand. Your clients freaking love you. Like, they love their children – they really do – but they may or may not love you more. (Just please don’t tell their kids. We don’t want to hurt any feelings.)

As our Naperville-based Account Executive, you will:

  • Create new leads.
  • Actively pursue those leads.
  • Grow and maintain client relationships.
  • Love the work we do and celebrate our victories.
  • Demonstrate our value to clients by communicating the ROI of our work.
  • Get the community talking about MACLYN.
  • Become BFFs with everyone you meet

Things that will help you get in the door:

  • A wicked passion for the work — we’re talking a lot of passion.
  • A collaborative attitude – we want someone who celebrates sharing ideas.
  • Work ethic. No really, work ethic.

Things that will start the conversation:

  • You have 3+ years of experience as an agency Account Executive (or experience in a related field).
  • You have valuable connections with potential clients.
  • You are the most popular person in Chicagoland, second only to Chance the Rapper.
  • You are seriously engaging and optimistic, but also whip-smart and strategically minded.
  • You have a story to tell. (We’re listening.)

Think you have the right stuff? Prove it. Send an email with your badass résumé to  careers@maclyngroup.com

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