Steph began developing her passion for photography when she was just 10. That’s when someone handed her a plastic Walgreens camera. “It was very, very purple,” Steph recalls. The soon-to-be artist discovered that, with the snap of a shutter, you can capture any moment and keep it forever. Sort of like magic.

Since then, Steph has accomplished an incredible feat: She turned her passion into a profession. She graduated from the journalism program at North Central College in 2015 and picked up her Master’s in Professional Leadership Studies a couple years later. As editor-in-chief of the college’s newspaper, Steph spent many late nights in the journalism office – more of a bunker than an office, really – learning to take jumbled messes of words, images and graphics and carefully weave them into stories. She learned to assemble many different forms of media into cohesive narratives, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Multimedia storytelling, she discovered, is also a form of magic.

Today, Steph is a Content Creator & Account Manager at MACLYN’s Des Moines office. In other words, she is a unicorn. Steph uses her full suite of storytelling skills – photography, videography, writing, editing, social, strategy, and other forms of creative magic – to lead our clients to victory. Outside work, Steph continues to hone her craft, collaborating with local artists and exploring the cafes and thrift shops of Des Moines, camera in hand (and probably a vanilla latté, too).

You can read more about Steph’s recent DSM adventures here.

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