There’s been much written about Sashwatha Sridhar:

Her advertising professor said of her: “Some people write like sandpaper. Some like frosting. Some like air. Sash writes like suede. Velvety and lush while also being strong and durable.

In a world of Hemingways, the Bernbach wannabees, jargon masters, the edgy, the self-hip, the self-absorbed, and the real deals, Sash is real as the Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ ad.”

But instead, Sash lives by these words: “You think writing is easy? Try writing perfection.”

With a Masters in Advertising & PR from DePaul and an avid love of words, Sash’s combustive craft is rooted in lived experiences and international perspective. Sash attains, absorbs, analyzes, as much information as she can, then she incinerates the project with killer copy composed from holistic, human connection.

When it’s time to kick back, she refuels her fascination with articles from the Wall Street Journal, podcasts like This American Life and Stuff You Missed in History Class, children’s books, and her perpetual quest for the best veggie burger in Chicago.

And when the day is said and done. Sash stares at the sunset. She’s always looked at the sky. The day coming to a close so gracefully, the twilight transition to darkness. She documents sunsets from different perspectives on her Instagram account (@sashwatha) Because no two sunsets look the same.

“I’m not in this because it’s easy. I’m in this because I care about communicating. I care about words. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than reading a perfectly crafted sentence.”

She needs look no further than herself: with the alliterative punch of a protagonist in her own novel, even Sashwatha Sridhar’s name is a brilliant bit of copy. It means “forever.” Sure enough, a writer of her caliber comes but once in a lifetime.

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