Eight Things You Should Know About Our New Jr. Art Director, Nick Imerman


#1. He has a healthy obsession with weight-lifting.

He asked that we clarify, in capital letters, that this is NOT CROSSFIT.


#2. He eats like a hobbit.

Seconds, thirds, fourths, elevensies… Nick takes countless trips to the office fridge, grazing on small meals throughout the day, just like the creatures from The Lord of the Rings. (Imagine a human-sized Frodo with an Equinox membership). Speaking of which…


#3. He is into Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

In that order.


#4. His wife is even more badass than he is.

Sorry, Nick, but she’s a professional body-builder, and we want to stay on her good side.


#5. He likes his scotch neat and his steak rare.

“If you’re going to order your steak past medium rare, just get the chicken,” Nick says.


#6. He is a proud father.*

*of a beagle. (The millennial equivalent of parenthood.)


#7. He likes old-school video games. Like, REALLY old-school.

His most modern system is a Nintendo 64.


#8. His cats have an Instagram.

For cats playing with pom-poms, cats trying to squeeze into too-small spaces, and cats transcending societal conventions to befriend dogs, follow @conna_tibbers.

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