Our Design Intern, Naomi, is a Creative Liger

Meet Naomi. She’s a student, a barista, a painter, a vegan, an artist, and a Design Intern at our Des Moines office, where she helps our creative team develop award-winning campaigns.

Naomi specializes in clean, simple design, with a sharp attention to detail and plenty of character. BUT WAIT – THERE’S A TWIST! While her specialty is design and illustration, Naomi also has a knack for UI/UX development, which makes her a rare hybrid in the advertising world. Sort of like a liger, a pizzly bear, or a wholphin, but different.

Today, Naomi is a student at the Des Moines Area Community College, where she studies graphic design and web development. Swing by our Des Moines bunker to say hi to our many-talented intern and maybe even have your likeness immortalized in acrylic.

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