Carly is a cool case study in contradictions.

“I’m just a loving caring emo kid. I’m an aggressive hippy. I’m an assertive sweetheart. I’m a paradox, I’m both sides of the room”.

Seth Rogen is her Patronus. She met Robin Williams on a Barnes & Noble escalator. She loves the lake life and she’s seen Disturbed 9 times. So of course, such an interesting person is right at home here at MACLYN.

As a MACLYN Account Executive, Carly utilizes these interests as fuel to make the magic happen. Coming to us from brands like Journeys, the master organizer weaves together schedules, finds answers, executes deadlines, and Excels in general keep-us-on-trackitude.

A former band manager, audio engineer, and marketing consultant for screamo and experiential rock bands, Carly always finds the right mix that lets the Creative Warriors rock out. But more than just keeping our internal and external workflows on schedule, Carly yearns to do more: “I want to make sure that people feel connected to MACLYN – that we’re a part of their company, too.”

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