Amanda went to college to be a teacher, but she soon found her passion for communication could change the world in other ways. For her, everything’s about connections, drawing them forward, backward, zigzag and beyond to foster the bigger picture.

“Anyone can write a pitch. But can you handle anything coming your way?

From London to Stockholm to New York, she specializes in engaging audiences so that the right message gets heard by the right people at the right time. After years of creating disruptive awesome for Monster Jam, Amanda’s gone from monster truck donuts to actual donuts. As MACLYN’s Media Relations Account Executive, the flexible innovator and her electrifying ideas keep the energy flowing on America’s favorite coffee account.

Amanda’s creativity extends beyond the high-octane world of PR: she has an Etsy shop where she sells her original calligraphy, and she’s quickly becoming a Pinterest icon. Her favorite movie is The Little Rascals. She’s a caring cat mom, and she’s a diehard Chicago sports fan.

As the words Amanda lives by say (and once hand-lettered): “Your past is always practice.” So with her pulse on the now, this hyper-skilled pro gives MACLYN a shockingly unique look inside the future.

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