We don’t want just an Art Director.

We want someone who shakes the Hand of Adam with the machine, while pulling stardust from the sky.

Someone who sees Pantone 165C in the rays of a sunset.

Someone who can balance Bauhaus with Die Brücke

Someone who knows what the f^%k Gestalt means.

We want the artist that paints in pixels, with ideas like DaVinci.

We want the art director who can channel the beauty of Caravaggio, the wit of Magritte and the irreverence of Banksy all in the same day.

So, if you struggle against the “good enough,” if you reject the easy and the obvious to seek out the truly original, let’s create together.

No wait. Let’s sell ice in Antarctica.

If you are an ink-stained badass with a gallery in your head and a copy of
Archive in your hand, keep reading.

You should be exceptional at:

  • Concept and design of big and small: big ideas, campaigns, mobile, brand film, outdoor, web, social etc.
  • Identity: logo marks, letterhead, color theory, brand guidelines
  • Photoshoots: people, product, food, environment
  • Video: emotional, funny, technical, badass
  • Building and maintaining a brand look
  • The details: kerning, leading, x-heights, cap heights, etc. (If these seem unfamiliar stop reading)

Things that will start the conversation:

  • An amazing book; like brains-on-the-floor good.
  • Experience creating for both digital and print.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Things that will help you get in the door:

  • A “Take the Hill” mentality, however big or small said hill turns out to be.
  • A wicked passion for the work. We’re talking a lot of passion. Did I say passion yet?
  • You need to work well with others, lone wolves get kicked off the island.
  • Work ethic. No really, work ethic.

You in? Send us your stuff—portfolio, resume, creative philosophy and salary requirements—to careers@maclyngroup.com

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