Why Local SEO Is an Important Part of Your Overall SEO Strategy

Feb 21, 2022

Does your business take advantage of the many opportunities offered by local SEO strategies?

There was once a time when search engine optimization (SEO) was a lesser-known strategy that was still rising in popularity. Today, it’s an essential component of digital marketing and can boost both brand awareness and profit.

As more businesses are investing in reliable SEO agencies, they are learning of the benefits offered, as well as ways to further improve their rankings.

Local SEO, in particular, has become the favorite child of SEO efforts and offers many targeted benefits.

Let’s explore the role that SEO plays in digital marketing efforts and the (many) benefits of local SEO.

SEO as a Key Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO describes the process of improving a website’s ability to rank at the top of search results. By targeting certain keywords and optimizing a website’s performance, the organic rankings should improve.

Investing in SEO as part of a digital marketing strategy offers many benefits, including boosting brand awareness, offering trackable insights, and providing a trustworthy experience for users (among many others).

Local SEO is a more granular strategy that optimizes a business’s online performance within a geographical area.

Local SEO can work wonders to boost a website’s organic rankings. It also offers extra benefits for certain types of businesses that find success from local consumers.

For example, local SEO efforts can help hospitality organizations, medical practices, law firms, and local services stand out from their competition and increase their online leads.

There are a few local SEO techniques, all of which prioritize relevance, distance, and prominence.

● Google My Business (GMB)
● On-page signals
● NAP citations
● Localized content
● Online reviews
● Local backlinks

Are your SEO efforts up to scratch? An SEO page audit from an experienced SEO agency can reveal any gaps in your SEO strategy, including local SEO opportunities.

Benefits of Local SEO

Did you know that approximately 46% of Google searches include location? If your business only serves a certain area, then you can cut through the noise by using the online space to target your customers within your location.

Consider the following benefits of local SEO.

Competitive Edge

Failing to invest in local SEO provides a space for your competition to creep in. While you may rely on the loyal support of existing customers, there’s a good chance that new customers will search online before contacting a business. Incorporating local terms in your SEO strategy ensures that you appear at the top of their search.

For context, the top page listed in Google search results has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 32%. In addition, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results.

Tap Into “Support Local” Movement

A recent survey revealed that 82% of shoppers will pay more to support small, local businesses. The effort to boost the success of the local economy has inspired consumers to buy from local businesses over and above large corporations (even if the cost is higher).

Prioritizing local SEO increases the chance of your business ranking when conscious consumers intentionally search for local brands to support.

Meet Customers Where They Are (On Mobile)

Imagine that you’re visiting Chicago and you crave Mexican food. You open your mobile browser and search “Mexican restaurants in Chicago” and are presented with a list of restaurants, along with online reviews.

The businesses that have invested in local SEO will appear at the top of these search results and stand a better chance of welcoming hungry visitors in the area. The same principle applies to other businesses that can meet a spontaneous demand.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Investing in a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO is a comparatively small cost that offers long-term term rewards. Quality SEO practices produce long-standing results that are easy and affordable to maintain.

Local SEO efforts are an inexpensive strategy that offers organic results at a lower cost than other options.

A Local SEO Company in Naperville, Chicago, and Des Moines

Is your website’s SEO strategy as optimized as it could be? Laying a firm foundation for SEO is an important step in ranking on search engines and offering a positive user experience.

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