SIPPING IS BELIEVING: The Story of Dunkin’ Espresso

Dec 14, 2018

When our client Dunkin’ needed to get the word out about their new line of hand-crafted Espresso beverages, we brewed up an unbelievable blend of omni-channel experiences.

We knew that words weren’t enough to describe how Dunkin’ Espresso makes you feel.

Because espresso is more than a beverage. It’s an experience. It’s a way to #EspressoYourself.

With the combined forces of art, music, and #espression, we were going to get Chicagoland craving the new, hand-crafted espresso way of life.

Then, we got our grind on to make it all happen.

We teamed up with Chicago’s hottest social media influencers to hit our target demographic – the on-the-go millennial who needs a hand-crafted rocket boost for their busy life.

And we brought viral latte portrait artist Michael Breach (known on the interwebz as @baristart) on board to help build hype. He hit Windy City Live to share some foam with the hosts. Then, he took over Dunkin’ stores on the UIC and Columbia campuses, earning a ton of buzz (and the eternal thanks of some college students in the middle of finals week).



That night, we threw a rooftop InstaMeet for our influencers. It was an Instagrammable playground to get them hyped about the partnership. Sipping is believing – we brought in magicians to prove it. And while they dazzled with their Dunkin’-inspired wizardry, Michael worked his own magic with custom latte portraits. Through the whole event, we took real-time photos, and assembled them into our custom-built mosaic wall. The memories made the event.

After that, the Sampling Van took the Espresso Lane with its cool new wrap. We went on a tasting tour of the suburbs with the Espresso Lounge, a chill mobile experience that allowed people to kick back, beat the cold, and embrace the cool. And at select events, they could get down to beats by our radio partners, and watch an artist create a Dunkin’ Espresso-inspired masterpiece – LIVE.



And we’re just getting started. With the perfect blend of creative, strategy, and activation, we’re winning thousands of impressions and making cash registers ring. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video for yourself, and go out for a hand-crafted Dunkin’ Espresso.

Sipping is believing.


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