What is App Development?

Nov 22, 2021

App development has become a buzzword in circles of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals – and for good reason.

From podcast hosts that are building their own mobile applications and local grocery stores announcing their app launch, apps can improve customer experience and streamline business processes.

Are you considering the investment of an app developer? Applications can boost the growth of a small business and booming enterprise. So, it’s important to understand the steps involved in the process.

Let’s explore the key features of a successful app and the various steps involved in application development. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the best app development agency for you.

Key Features in App Development

Not all apps are created equal. There are a few key features that encourage customers to download the app and use it on a regular basis. Consider the following important features to include in successful mobile app development.

  • Push notifications – enhance customer experience and drive engagement
  • One-click contact – allow easy communication between customer and business
  • QR scan integration – easy accessibility to download, information, and analytics
  • Smooth functionality – boost customer experience
  • Attractive design – a beautiful interface makes using the app an enjoyable experience
  • Scalability – accommodate growth, provide a great user experience and offer a better ROI

Whether you’re developing digital tools for an eCommerce business or boosting engagement with a dedicated audience, an app makes your services available from the palm of the hand.

Steps Involved in App Development

Creating an app that ticks all of these boxes is best left to the professionals, but it’s important to understand the various steps involved. That way, you’re an active part of the app development journey.


If you want a customer to download the app, then it needs to meet a specific purpose. Take a dive into your business analytics and determine how a mobile app can solve an existing problem, or streamline the experience. Get your business analyst, marketing team, and project manager around a table and brainstorm the app’s specific functionality together.

During the planning phase, you’ll also need a technical writer on hand. The technical writer is responsible for outlining the technical details and requirements of the app.


The prototyping phase transforms the dream of the mobile app into a reality. Prototyping involves a sketch, the wireframes, and the app skins. The more complex the application’s functionality, the more time should be spent on outlining the details of the interface and interactions. In most instances, a UX or UI designer will take the lead on prototyping.


The development phase is where the magic happens, and consists of two segments.

First, front-end development manages everything that is seen by the app user. Front-end developers will work on analyzing code, debugging the applications, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Next, back-end development is server-side development and involves the behind-the-scenes details. Whenever a primary action is executed, the backend coding will do the work. It focuses primarily on APIs, servers, and databases.


The testing phase is essential to discover (and fix) any bugs that exist in the application. Testing ensures that the quality of the application is maintained and that the app works as it should.


Once you’ve ironed out the kinks, you’re ready to share your creation with the world! After publishing the app to the app store, it’s made available to your audience. It’s also worth weaving your app launch into your greater marketing strategy.

An App Development Agency That Works for You

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