Do’s & Don’ts of Website Development

Nov 14, 2022

The quality of your website can make or break your online presence. Your website sells you to the online community and provides information to prospective customers. These customers must find it user-friendly and helpful, or they’ll bounce off your site. So, it is important to handle website development carefully.

Website development is similar to building a structure. You must start from the basics(foundation) and build upward using the right materials. You must ensure that everything you do is designed to satisfy your target audience.

In this article, we’ll go through the dos and don’ts of website development to help you create a good website.

The Do’s of Website Development

Here are things that can help you create a good website.

Provide a Uniform Experience Across Devices

People can access the internet through various devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. So, the experience from each device must be similar.

Ensure you employ a responsive web design that renders your sites perfectly on various devices. Consistency shows your dedication and professionalism, making your brand more trustworthy.

Break Up Your Content

Very few people like reading. So, it is important to make your content as skimmable as possible.

Blocks of text are hard to read and look unattractive on a website. Ensure you break up the text into short sentences and paragraphs that are easy to go through.

You can use headers, images, call to action, and other design options to break the content and make it easily scannable.

Use Styles Carefully (Typography)

A neat and uniform website is easy to go through. While typography is essential in designing a website, you need to use it sparingly, or it will make your content annoying and confusing.

Settle for one or two font types and colors that come in different weights. It lets you use various variations for the headings, subheadings, and body. The result is a consistent and neat look.

Make the Website User-friendly

How easy is it to find information on your website?

Visitors want to go through your website quickly and efficiently. They want to quickly find what they are looking for without going through everything. So, making your website easily navigable is important.

Use a menu bar to provide links to specific pages and content. You can also use tables of content.

Use an Expert Website Developer

While you can use templates to create a website, it is best to leave the work to experts. A website developer knows how to write code and will listen to your needs to create a stunning website.

Ensure you appraise various developers to get the best for the job. Look at their work and what their customers say.

Don’ts of Website Development

Here are things to avoid when creating a website.

Distract your Visitors

Visitors come to your site for specific information. So, ensuring they get to it as quickly and efficiently as possible is important.

Avoid flooding your website with too many adverts, animations, external links, and promos distracting visitors. In short, help your visitor focus on what you are offering and stop them from looking for the goods or services elsewhere.

Over Uniqueness

Uniqueness is important to any business. It differentiates you from your competitors and makes you stand out. However, it is critical to limit the level of uniqueness.

The more unique a website, the harder it is to navigate.

Try to go the conventional way that your users are used to. It will let them spend the least time figuring out your website and more on accessing the needed information.

Spamming Your Content

While you want to make your website rank high in search engines, it is not okay to manipulate the results. For example, do not stuff keywords into your content.

You are creating content for your visitors and not search engines. Therefore, use keywords naturally and in an appropriate amount. Always ensure that the text being posted makes sense to humans.

Increasing User Waiting time

While customers spending time on your website is great, it should be because they find your website interesting and not the pages loading slowly. Slow-loading pages will make the customer impatient and want to look for help on a different site.

Create a User-friendly and Efficient Website

A website is critical if you want to compete in the online space. It is a depository of information and your place of contact with online shoppers. As such, you must create an efficient website.

Ensure your website development follows the basic guidelines, such as breaking up content, utilizing different fonts, and making it easily navigable. On the other hand, avoid spamming, over uniqueness, distractions, and long loading periods.

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