As a marketing agency, we’ve always used our talent and resources to promote the people and things we believe in. That isn’t changing. However, now that our world is in the midst of a crisis, we’re getting creative with how we use our skills, services, and communication infrastructure. To borrow a line from Apple, we’re thinking different.

Here are a few examples:

We’re helping governments and other organizations cut through the noise.

Right now, there’s an endless stream of information being pumped through social media. Some of it is authentic and helpful, but much of it is useless (or even harmful). We’re helping verified, valuable information reach the people who need it most.

We’re getting the right information to the right audience.

We have sophisticated digital targeting tools and a team of experts on-hand to help organizations reach their audience (and vice versa).

As populations practice social-distancing, people are turning to digital communication like never before. Your audience is listening. Getting the right message to them is difficult but essential.

We’re making information compelling and shareable.

No matter how important information may be, it’s powerless until it reaches the right people and resonates with them. An important piece of advice from the CDC, for example, may go largely unnoticed unless it’s presented in an interesting way.

Our team of artists, designers, writers, and animators are transforming dry (but important) information into compelling content that resonates with audiences.

We’re helping clients prepare for the future.

It’s unclear how long this crisis will last, but one thing we know for certain is that it will eventually come to an end (although, no one can agree when that ‘end’ might be).

When the crisis finally ‘ends’, there will be a lot of hard work ahead of us—the hard work of rebuilding brands and refitting them to a new world. The organizations that prepare for this phase of the emergency (the rebuilding phase) far in advance will be at a clear advantage. They will lead the pack.

Today, many of us are scrambling to solve problems we never anticipated. That’s unavoidable. However, in the midst of this reactivity, we can’t leave proactivity behind. At MACLYN, we’re thinking beyond the present, helping our clients prepare for the post-pandemic world.

We’ve always taken our work seriously. We care about our clients, we love our people, and we work hard to protect the world around us.

As all of us encounter new challenges over the coming weeks and months, our team is making a commitment:

We’re using our talent and resources to do what’s good for our community, even (in fact, especially) if that means thinking outside the box. Way, way outside the box. Creativity has always been fundamental to who we are. It still is—now, more than ever.

As we get creative about our place in the world, we invite you to get creative with us. Does your organization need to get information to a specific audience? Give us a ring. Want to prepare your business for the post-pandemic world? Let’s talk. Have an idea about how we can use the infrastructure we’ve built over the last 25 years to make a positive difference? Let’s have a beer (remotely, of course).

Stay safe. Stay compassionate. And get creative.

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