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You bring us your challenge. We find a marketing solution.

Your market has gone digital. In this New Normal, MACLYN engages your audience, builds your brand presence and generates revenue across digital platforms.


Website Development

MACLYN develops custom websites with the right content, UX, and SEOfor your business needs. Our team can develop robust, fully customized websites from the ground up. Or, for a more streamlined, cost-effective approach – particularly for small businesses with relatively simple website needs – we can design, build and manage templated websites.

App Development

Upgrade your customer experience with your very own app, created by MACLYN. Apps are great for loyalty programs, events and certain shopping experiences. Our team can help you determine whether an app is right for your business. Then, wedesign, develop, implement and manage your custom app.

Search Engine Optimization

MACLYN manages all of your SEO needs. We push your brand to the top of relevant search engine results, driving your target audience to your website. We also update clients regularly with analytics reports.

Search Engine Marketing

MACLYN develops and manages SEM campaigns for your brand. We drive traffic and visibility through paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages, and we demonstrate the ROI to you.

Social Media Management

In addition to creating content and coordinated content strategies, MACLYN manages all of your social media accounts. We handle everything: from running campaigns and boosting posts, to responding to comments and engaging with followers.


Be it big-name celebrities or micro influencers, we find brand ambassadors who can become authentic spokespersons for your brand in the world.


Your customers’ data is a goldmine. By harnessing information about your customers, you can better market to them, tailor products and services to meet their needs, and make your entire business more efficient. MACLYN helps you collect, manage, analyze and make use of customer data.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs – which allow your audience to unlock rewards by interacting with your brand – can be an effective tool to keep your customers coming back. We help you determine if a loyalty program is right for your business. If so, we design, implement, manage and promote the program.