our services

The Battle of the Brands is complicated. Our mission is simple.

We are here to win. Total victory, nothing less. MACLYN’s warriors deftly wield an arsenal of strategic genius, creative excellence and marketing mastery to overcome your challenges and win the branding war. Here’s how we get it done:





Brand Inception & Creation
We take raw insights about your industry, your company and your target market… and we transform them into a distinct, compelling brand that engages your audience and drives revenue. It’s like magic, only marketable.

Social Media Campaigns
We live, breathe and work Social. (Some of us are even Insta-famous, IRL.) We tap-into this expertise to craft social-media campaigns that will have your targets liking, sharing, hashtagging, and pinning their love & loyalty to your brand.

Brand Execution & Design
We bring together writers, designers, photographers and social-media pros – a whole legion of storytellers – to build your visual brand, define your message, and craft your one-of-a-kind voice.

Branded Content Creation
Content is king, but engagement is queen. We create irresistibly engaging, impossibly timely content that supports your brand, furthers your mission, and establishes you as an industry thought-leader.

Omni-Channel Advertising Campaigns
Our brands have legs. And those legs are made for walkin’ …across social media, YouTube pre-roll, digital advertising, and all kinds of traditional/non-traditional channels.

Web Design & Development
We design, build, and gently nurse into existence a beautiful (and beautifully functional) website, crafted with your mission at heart and your targets in mind.


Research & Discovery
We dig into the bedrock of your brand – through focus groups, data-mining, surveys, interviews and more – to discover the insights within. Then, we build robust profiles on you, your company, your competitors, and your target market. Then, we drink some beer.

Quantitative Research
We break-out our TI-89 calculators and crunch some serious numbers. Then, we use data-backed insights (on market trends, consumer profiles, etc.) to build and execute your brand.

Brand Insights & Strategy
Brand Insights – those eternal truths we discover about your brand and your target market – are the guiding light of Strategy. Insights direct our every move, from the timing of your brand-launch to the dynamic, ongoing execution.

Target Market Analysis
Your targets are, uh, pretty important. We analyze their buying habits, communication channels, and market trends to discover how to most-effectively market your brand to them.

Qualitative Research
We don our psychology hats and uncover what makes your target markets tick, learn why people do-or-do-not love your company, and discover how the world sees your brand.

Competitive Analysis
We peer through a marketing periscope to see what your competitors are up to. This helps us craft a truly one-of-a-kind brand and execute it in a way that will win, win, win the war.


Creativity is the spark; data is the dynamite. We derive meaningful insights from data – and use these insights to inform seriously effective creative and strategic solutions throughout the life of your brand. Boom.

We fight for total search-engine supremacy – driving click-throughs, dominating results, and drawing the right market to your brand.

Omni-Channel Marketing
We engage your target market across their most active channels, creating a cohesive branded experience that will have them thinking about (and spending money on) your brand 24/7/365.

Targeted Marketing
The new model for effective marketing is 1:1 (one-to-one). That means, as a brand, you need to tailor your messaging to the individual – not just to a specific region or a demographic, but to a legit, real-life human being who walks, talks, eats and tweets. We’ll help you hit the mark.

Social Media Marketing
(Paid & Organic)
We manage your social media accounts and reach your audience through paid, organic and Influencer-driven marketing. Our goal is to make your content so compelling that your audience does the marketing for you.

Experiential & Event Marketing
Your brand is at its strongest when it’s an experience. We conceptualize and execute brand-launch parties, Instagram “Influencer” events, branded theatre productions (seriously) and so much more.