Do’s & Don’ts of Public Relations

Oct 12, 2022

Public relations can make or break your brand. Your brand reputation is essential, and any negative association can have far-reaching consequences, especially in the modern world of “cancel culture,” boycotts, and other forms of reproach.

The most successful companies have effective public relations departments whose primary function is to continuously enhance the public image of the company or organization.

Public Relations Do’s

Do create a story

Mere facts and figures are not as compelling as heartfelt stories. Mastering the art of storytelling is a highly effective public relations strategy. The first step in creating a successful PR strategy is to lead with a story. Use your PR spotlight to share stories about your brand.

Storytelling makes your brand more personable and relatable to audiences by presenting essential information about your brand through an interesting medium.

Do update your customers regularly

Out of sight, out of mind. Brands that prioritize community relations report higher leads to sales conversion because they create familiarity. Ensure your PR team regularly creates fresh content on industry opinions, product information, and new releases.

Keep customers updated on various mailing lists and social media channels to promote your brand visibility.

Do reach out to media people

Getting your company in the public domain through blogs and media reviews is a great way to reach a broader audience in Naperville or Des Moines, among other locations. Developing relationships with journalists and reporters by fostering media relations is a proven method to bring your story to more potential clients and can be a clever advertising hack if done correctly.

Reach out to media houses and get in touch with feature columnists to get started.

Do engage a PR agency

For many companies, public relations is undefined and may fall somewhere within marketing, human resources, or other departments. A public relations agency has the expertise required to position your company in the face of the public by evaluating your services and the most effective channels.

Some of the benefits of a PR firm include the following:

● Promoting your brand’s credibility.
● Focusing on and attracting your target market.
● Added value through increased visibility.
● Building a solid brand image.

Now that you know what you should do to create an effective PR strategy, here are some things you should not do:

Public Relations Don’ts

Don’t assume people know about your brand

Even if you sell a great product or service, the truth is that there are tens or hundreds of others providing the same. Business hubs like New York and Chicago may have similar businesses, so good customer reviews are not enough to get your brand well known.

You should try to draw as much attention to your services as possible. Recruiting a media marketing agency or a PR firm are great ways to make your brand more visible.

Don’t take rejection personally

Many business owners give up after one or two attempts to reach out to journalists or other brand ambassadors. Again, remember you might be one of many brands seeking exposure, so if you don’t hear back from a media contact, you can follow up after a while or try elsewhere.

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. You might have to contact more than one media relations agency but remember those who succeed keep pushing no matter the response.

Don’t lie

The temptation to falsify some information by your PR team may seem like a good idea to protect your brand. However, telling lies to seek more visibility can ruin your reputation or lead to legal action.

Time and again, companies that have falsified information have been caught, leading to hefty penalties and irreparable damage to the brand.

Don’t send out invites or pitches without doing research

Many business owners fail to do their homework before reaching out to media houses or influencers to promote their brands. You need to find out which areas they cover, what stories they like, and how they communicate. Sending out generic messages and hoping for responses rarely yields results, as they can easily spot impersonal messages.


Public relations are an integral part of a company. Effective PR ensures your brand is visible to the public and inspires credibility to attract more customers. Successful companies use public relations to get press coverage and advertising by creating long-term relationships with people and agencies who have the resources to improve the brand’s public perception.

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