Bill Murphy | Managing Partner

Bill is the managing partner with MACLYN, where he oversees the agency’s accounts and personnel.

Bill has a management philosophy and constant desire to put people in position to succeed. He quietly studies our team to learn their strengths and limitations. He doesn’t believe in changing people - rather he believes in finding the best in people and amplifying it.

Bill was raised on the account side, however, he likes to occasionally pretend he is a creative.

Bill’s role is to look objectively at our agency’s work and calmly push. Because for us…good is not enough and it can always be better.

Erin Byrne | Junior Art Director

From an early age, Erin Byrne had a passion for creation – whether she was sketching with her grandma, or crafting artwork across the walls of her room, Erin always had an insatiable itch to invent the incredible.

Erin holds a degree in Advertising and Visual Media Design from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She cut her teeth in the professional world as a freelancer, with scores of successful projects under her belt.

Now, she wages war against Average with the merry band of MACLYN as a Junior Art Director. A veritable wizard with illustration and an indomitable animator, Erin excels at making every piece magical, and conquering any challenge that comes her way.

Marc Hausmann | Founding Partner

Marc is a partner at MACLYN, where he has a visible presence on all accounts. A Downers Grove native, a “Fighting ILLINI” and a former bank president, Marc was an original founder of the agency in 1995. He has a passion for fostering client relationships and excels in delivering our MACLYN brand promise to each and every client.

Marc remains very active in the community and has served on numerous board of directors. He is the former Chairman of the Board of the Downers Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and the past President of the Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58. Marc currently serves on the Board of Directors of DuPage Pads, is the Vice Chairman of the Downers Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and President Emeritus of the Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58.

Marc is married with three daughters. In addition to spending time with his family, Marc enjoys golf, wine and sports.

Ray Kinney | Founding Partner

Ray Kinney is a partner in MACLYN, focusing on business development for the agency.

Ray has been an active member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce since 1984; having served two terms on the Board of Directors including serving as President of the Board in 1996. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Naperville Development Partnership, North Central College, Choose DuPage, the Rob Koranda Scholarship Foundation, and the Exchange Club of Naperville’s Ribfest. He is also a Director of First Community Financial Bank.

In 2010, Ray was awarded the first-ever honorary Bachelor of Science in Public Service from North Central College in their 150-year history. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his family, so much so that Naperville Magazine named him Dad of the Year in 2007.

Jay Paonessa | Vice President & Creative Director

Jay Paonessa is the Creative Director at MACLYN. He has spent over 20 years working at top agencies like Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide for blue chip clients such as Coca-Cola, Citibank, Gatorade, Intel, McDonalds, Phillip Morris and United Airlines. During this tenure he has been awarded numerous accolades for his breakthrough work including: Addys, Reggies, Pros, Globes and Shortlists in the Clios and Cannes.

His philosophy is to never create without an Idea. Beautiful art direction and witty copywriting are nothing without that Idea — the magic that connects customers to our brands. Under his direction, MACLYN pushes beyond the scope of the brief, because challenging preconceived ideas in unique and uncanny ways engages people with brands and ultimately grows business.

Jay has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tulsa. He continued his study in advertising and design at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Courtney Healy | Senior Strategic Planner

Courtney Healy joined MACLYN in 2011. As a Strategic Planner, she is responsible for marketing and client research, as well as developing and executing strategic marketing plans. Courtney also purchases and manages over $750,000 in media for clients annually. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from DePaul University.

Courtney is MACLYN's resident analytic junkie and spreadsheet master.

Mike Naples | Associate Creative Director

Mike Naples is a Senior Art Director at MACLYN. In his 15 years of experience, he has designed and directed well-known brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Argus Brewery, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Mike’s goal is to communicate the client’s message to the end-consumer through stunning and engaging visuals.

Aside from being a husband and father of 3 wonderful girls, Mike is an avid oil painter well-known for his work displayed and sold in galleries all over the world. We share in Mike’s pride as he receives letters of encouragement from his fans, knowing that we not only have a magnificent artist under our belt but a true leader in his field.

Johnny Tijerina | Senior Art Director

Johnny Tijerina is a Senior Art Director at MACLYN with experience in areas across the creative spectrum. He’s worked with a wide variety of brands, including Texas Christian University Football, the Armed Forces Bowl, Fort Worth Zoo, AT&T Performing Arts Center and Leapfrog.

Johnny’s always thinking of creative ways to make brands better, using his multi-faceted approach to upgrade advertising from every angle.

When he’s not pushing pixels, Johnny enjoys screen-printing and epic sword-fighting with his wife and son.

Brent Seehafer | Senior Web Developer

Brent Seehafer is MACLYN’s web developer. He has a unique approach to development, having worked for many years as an art director in different areas of the field, for agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson and Flair Communications on brands like Kenmore, ConAgra Foods and Dunkin’ Donuts.

His desire to excel in the technical field brought him to the online arena where he started developing the web sites he was already designing. Brent earned a Master’s Degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and ultimately committed his efforts to development exclusively.

Michelle Maksim | Client Services

Michelle coordinates client service for all MACLYN brands. One of those major responsibilities is the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. She’s just completed another wildly successful Cop on a Rooftop, a promotion that raises money to support the Special Olympics of Illinois. Through Michelle’s efforts, the program is a literal Chicago media takeover.

Michelle chose MACLYN because of its collaborative, creative environment and its boutique-on-purpose philosophy. She’s the first handshake and smile clients receive when they arrive at The Outpost.

When she’s not at MACLYN, Michelle enjoys spontaneous dance-offs with her daughter. And yes, she always wins.

Dave Mendoza | Promotional Event Manager

Dave Mendoza, the Promotional Event Manager at MACLYN, manages our Dunkin’ Donuts Sampling Program. He brings a strong enthusiasm for marketing and advertising, a great work ethic and a fun personality.

Outside of MACLYN, Dave likes to stay fit, is an avid sports fan, and has a passion for travel whenever he has an opportunity.

Dave graduated from Loras College with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Business.

Eunice Son | Jr. Art Director

Eunice is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Art History. She believes that emotion is the key to meaningful design. She has a soft spot for display face and serif typography. Watercolor and india ink are her weapon of choice when combatting all things average. Currently, Eunice is focusing her energy teaching herself HTML5+CSS3 and Javascript.

When not designing, she writes and illustrates for an all women’s Asian-American blog advocating multicultural awareness, primarily in the arts. You can find her in your nearest coffee shop following the latest K-pop trends and inevitably, drinking too much coffee.

Kevin McMaster | Senior Account Executive

Kevin is an Account Executive at MACLYN. He believes that a team should be greater than the sum of its members. For Kevin, “good enough” is anything but. He actively maintains current client relationships and fosters new ones.

Kevin brings managing and marketing experience from Hollywood Casino Joliet and the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. When he’s not working with clients or rallying his fellow MACLYNites, Kevin’s sporting a ‘Cats jersey and cheering on his other favorite team: Northwestern University Football.

Troy Kelleher | Senior Copywriter

Troy is a Copywriter at MACLYN with a love for literature and a penchant for artful advertising. He has experience writing for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times Media Group, crafting stories about health, entertainment and other cool stuff. In his free time, Troy enjoys running long distances and writing short stories—usually at the same time.

He discovered his passion for words when he opened a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit in first grade, and hasn’t dropped the pen & paper since. While Troy met many of his heroes between pages, his real-life inspirations come from past English teachers: Mrs. Scott and Mr. Penzone, among others.

Troy spends his time at MACLYN writing cool, colorful, creative copy with Tiki and trying to wash ink stains out of his hands.

Ian Rigg | Copywriter

Ian has been writing all his life. He declared Average his mortal nemesis at an early age, battling against banality with poems, plays, short stories, films, and science fiction.

Ian is an alumnus of St. Xavier University, where he studied Advertising and Digital Video Production, graduated magna cum laude, and delivered the commencement address. He then waged a one-man war against Average as writer, director, cinematographer, video editor, and social media coordinator for TAM Retail, before joining the happy few of MACLYN as a copywriter.

Ian believes words are the truest power we wield on this swiftly tilting planet. He is an artistic astronaut with an amazingly apt application of alliteration in his arsenal. When not engaged in the theater of combat, Ian is engaged in the theatre, speaking and singing words as eloquently as he writes them.

Sam Brahler | Account Coordinator

Sam is an Account Coordinator with MACLYN, where she strategizes and executes campaigns for clients like Dunkin’ Donuts.

Sam graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s of Communication. And while she has a mind for business, her planning skills come from a passion for interior design. A passion that emerged at a young age.

“I remember this one time – I was pretty young, maybe 10 – when this architect was laying out plans for the house and I just started telling her what to do.

“Advertising’s more like interior design than you might think. The best ads are simple, clean … but, at the same time, attractive and meaningful. That’s what makes them stand-out and be unforgettable.”

Rebecca Cravatta | Junior Art Director

Rebecca is a Junior Art Director at MACLYN, where she develops brands for clients like Level 257, Dunkin’ Donuts and more.

Before she became an Enemy of Average, Rebecca earned a bachelor’s in advertising and communication at Purdue University. Now, she channels her emotional intelligence to create advertising that emotes and branding that evokes – all while hunting for the elusive white rabbit of style, shape and color that makes you feel… not just feel, but feel just the right shade of emotion. An emotion as specific, as singular as a pantone hue.

Tiki | guru

Tiki, AKA the Blue Guru, is an Executive Totem at MACLYN. While much of his origin remains a mystery, Tiki has revealed his life as a talented creative at numerous world-class advertising agencies. He’s well-versed in classic literature, and likes to kick-off days at MACLYN with quotes from Walt Whitman and Ernest Hemingway. He also enjoys vacationing in the Pacific Islands, where he competes in world-class surfing and luau-dancing events.

Tiki has quickly become a pillar of the eclectic MACLYN team. A true creative samurai, he crafts design and copy with the best…and never settles for average. He’s also an invaluable asset on Fun Fridays, when MACLYNites beg him to join their team for a game of Bags.


Crafting an amazing brand story requires a passion and dedication to struggle against the "good enough" – to reject the easy and the obvious to seek out the truly original.

It’s a constant battle we wage on behalf of all our brands.

We are the Enemy of Average.

We are MACLYN.