guiding your business through the new normal


The world of business and marketing has changed forever. Practically overnight, the way audiences interact with brands transformed, along with the way businesses think about marketing. Now, every business is a technology business—from mom & pop shops to international organizations. This is the New Normal.

At MACLYN, we’re helping our clients create smarter businesses that succeed today and are ready for tomorrow. We help your business adapt to change, take advantage of key technologies – like online store fronts and virtual conferences – and find opportunities to engage your audience and grow your brand. 

outsourced marketing

Outsourced Marketing Services

Be more efficient and adaptable

With outsourced marketing, MACLYN performs all or some of the services of an internal marketing department—at a fraction of the cost. We handle everything: from managing your online presence and executing creative projects, to creating your marketing budget and negotiating media buys. We can even assign a dedicated Account Executive to your business, who acts as your de facto Marketing Director. MACLYN’s outsourced marketing services are available as a full package or a la carte. We can perform all duties of an in-house marketing department, or we can round-out your existing marketing department with new skills and services, like development, SEO, creative and more.

MACLYN for small biz

Partner with a team of experts

We’ve tailored our services and pricing to meet the needs of a small business. Now, with our services offered a la carte, we build a solution just for you. As your partner, MACLYN brings together marketing expertise, business sense and a deep understanding of technology to help your business meet its goals.

small business
online storefronts

Creating effective online storefronts

Adapt your business for the online era

Your audience is online. Even if your business has traditionally been brick-and-mortar, there’s now an immense opportunity to engage your audience on the internet and sell your product digitally. The potential revenue is out there, and we’ll help you get it. MACLYN’s team helps your business create, implement and market effective digital shopping experiences that engage audiences and drive revenue.

Designing, marketing and executing virtual events

Host a virtual event as valuable as the ‘real thing.’

A virtual event is a safe, cost-effective alternative to hosting a traditional conference, trade show or internal company event (employee education and training). A virtual event can include all the features of an in-person event, complete with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, distinct tracks, and interactivity. Now that most users are familiar with video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, audiences are comfortable with the technology and more likely to attend virtual events.

virtual events
engaging digitally

Engaging your audience digitally

Grow your brand with authentic content and digital experiences.

In the New Normal, your audience spends more time than ever on digital platforms. They’re attracted to content that feels real and ‘human,’and they’re becoming loyal to brands that offer engaging digital experiences.MACLYN helps you find your audience on social media and other digital platforms—and engage them with valuable content and unique digital experiences, from podcasts and livestreams to webinars and videos.

Planning ahead for the next disruption

Build a more adaptable business’

We’ve all seen what real disruption looks like. Now, it’s time to prepare for what’s next.MACLYN helps your business be ready for any future. We integrate technologies that expand your reach, guide you through transformations, and create contingency plans that enable your business to adapt quickly to everyday change and crisis situations. The next time there’s a New Normal, your business will be ready.

planning ahead

Let’s get started

MACLYN brings together marketing expertise, business sense and a deep understanding of technology to help your business succeed in the New Normal.