What To Look For When Hiring A Marketing Agency

Aug 4, 2020

Ah, the hunt for a marketing agency. It’s like dating. You swipe right on a lot of profiles. You chat, you go out, only to find they don’t match up to their picture. Some promise you the world, then ghost. Some are way too into The Office and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Some are posing holding a fish. (Why are they posing holding a fish?!)

There’s a lot of disappointment until you find the diamond you deserve. The quickest way to your perfect match, is knowing who to look for. Knowing who you need. Knowing who you deserve. Hopefully our charm matches our capability. (can we get a super like?)

She has the range, dahling

In this ever-adapting world of ours, you need to find a digital marketing agency that can do it all, but still ensure high quality. A company that crosses the United States with a full range of services in advertising and marketing. It’s a tall order, but MACLYN is a nimble hybrid that can do both. It wasn’t the dinosaurs who survived the comet: it was the fast creatures who could adapt and use the crisis to catapult themselves beyond “surviving” to “thriving”. We work with clients to do what works for them, making them so successful that they come to take it for granted. Because what works, is what wins.

You Got Served

That said, those full services should actually serve you. All the claimed capabilities in the world aren’t anything if they don’t create impact and bang for your buck. Our services are successes. From paid advertising and social media campaigns, to earned media through PR. From branded content to marketing strategies, to data analytics and demographic research. From optimizing your social media presence to leading you in thought leadership.

Every company is a technology company now. It’s not enough to be online; you need a partner who turns those tools to your advantage. Search engines should be your servant, not your obstacle, and social media platforms should spread your message, not bury it. Our SEO and social media marketing services champion your brand and take advantage of algorithms and best practices to get the word out.

Location, Location, Vocation

You’d think that after The Great Pause that location doesn’t matter, just like time (how long have we been shoveling Wheat-Thins in our mouths while ignoring the “are you still watching?” notification) – but you need a marketing company who knows the markets you’re trying to reach. Real estate makes it real. With locations in Naperville (Greater Chicago Area) and Des Moines, you don’t have to do a long-distance relationship, and we’ll show you the coolest spots and people in town. Then, soon as we’re able, we’ll party together, too. (what other agency can claim keg stands on their skillset?)

A Portfolio that Owns, Yo

A company can claim any number of things, but a good litmus test is: what is their portfolio like? It should be robust, diverse, and impactful. At MACLYN, we do what works. We don’t just deliver work that suffices; we create work that excels, that breaks through the clutter to get you the attention (and the sales) you need.

As a content marketing agency, one should be content with the content creation. One should design dazzling assets that puts a social media marketing agency on the map. Social media agencies should be companies to like, follow, and double-tap, doing social media advertising that anticipates or creates trends, and stands apart from the pack. The work should do just that: work.

The Testimonial Test

Testimonials put the ‘test’ in testament. Holds true for a Google review, holds true for our company. If you can look at an agency’s testimonials, and trust the word of their other partners, it’s usually always a good indicator that you’ll get the same star treatment. Now if only they’d implement the same feature on online dating…

A Price That Never Costs

Don’t think of the “cost”: think of the value. And don’t just search for a company with value: seek a company with values. Done right, a marketing agency should prove its worth, and even pay for itself. Another important thing is the structure. Our modular marketing approach is the way to go for many varieties of clients, from small businesses to titans of industry. We are capable of full service, but we can also offer any of our areas of expertise a la carte. We meet you where you’re at and build with you. And when you’re ready to expand, the next module is there to meet you. Or, we build the whole space station and launch it in one go. Whatever works for you.

Experience gives you the best experience

Experience is a good bet that a company knows what it’s doing. We’ve been at this for over 30 years. And in that time, you learn who you are as an agency. So, who is MACLYN?

MACLYN is where creativity has a compass. Where revolution gets results.

MACLYN is where heart meets hustle. Where ego gets checked at the door. (MACLYN is like, RIDICULOUSLY humble. No one is humbler than us. Modesty world champs.)

MACLYN is where the experts are always learning.

MACLYN is where we work smarter AND harder.

MACLYN is nimble. Adaptable. Authentic. Attentive. Honest. Durable. Intentional. Intimate. Creative. Considerate. Fun.

MACLYN is where we do what works. And what works, wins.

Let’s go out. We think we’re a keeper. You’ll think so, too.

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