What is Outsourced Marketing and How Can It Help You?

Jan 26, 2021

Outsourcing sometimes gets a bad rap. Some companies feel it’s a waste of money to pay an outside firm to do something they can probably handle in-house. But think about it this way – what if you were hosting an event (at some point in the future when we once again host events) and needed to offer food and drinks? You may have a kitchen in the office and staff who could probably handle preparing and serving food. But would that be time or cost-effective when the focus should be on networking or sales?

Continuing with the catering analogy (because we can all relate to food), the amount of help you need might vary depending on the event. For a large, sit-down dinner, you might need a full catering staff with food, drinks, servers, glassware, silverware – a complete setup. But for a small employee meeting, you might simply need some sandwiches and plates to supplement the drinks and silverware already in the breakroom. For either event you can outsource only what you need.

When you look at it that way, outsourcing makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Outsourced marketing isn’t so different. When you work with a marketing agency, especially one that offers the option of full-service marketing assistance or a la carte marketing services, you get the best of all worlds – the ability to leverage in-house expertise where you’re able, and a partner to pick up the rest.

Companies today are looking for ways to be more efficient and are often tasked with doing more with less. On the one hand, it’s more important than ever to stay top of mind with customers and prospects and drive new business, but on the other hand, when companies look to cut costs, marketing departments are often the first to see staff reductions.

This is where outsourced marketing comes in. Just as you can choose a fully catered meal with banquet staff or a simple sandwich platter for your event, when it comes to marketing, your choices range from a complete marketing department to some help with social media. Regardless of your needs, the improved efficiencies offered by a team with proven expertise in marketing can result in significant savings in time and money.

Outsourced marketing can focus on specific areas where organizations struggle. Marketing experts who specialize in social media management, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) can breathe new life into a company’s digital marketing efforts. An outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO) can handle functions like negotiating media buys and developing a marketing budget tailored to maximum efficiency. Copywriters can give a much-needed boost to advertising and content marketing efforts. And as a bonus, dedicated marketing experts often have experience in a wide range of industries, meaning not only will they gain a thorough understanding of your market, but they can also bring in outside perspective.

Whether you choose a full marketing package or a la carte services to fill in gaps where you need them most, outsourced marketing gives you a fully rounded marketing department for much less money and hassle than hiring and maintaining an in-house staff.

MACLYN, a full-service advertising, and marketing agency serving the Naperville, Des Moines, and Chicago area, is ready to be your partner in marketing. We’ll bring the talent, expertise, and years of experience in all areas of advertising, marketing strategy, and media. You bring the sandwiches.

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