What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

Oct 2, 2020

The word marketing is tossed around so often. There’s so much thought leadership and meanings out there, so we like to cut straight to the chase:

What does a marketing agency do?

The stereotypical coffee dad joke would be “What doesn’t a marketing agency do?” but it isn’t that far off. First and foremost, a marketing agency is all about increasing your value: because it helps customers see your value. But we go a step further: thanks to MACLYN’s integrated marketing approach, we holistically combine all aspects, from advertising, PR, social media, SEO and SEM and more, across all channels to keep communication consistent and focused on the customer.

As a marketing agency, we do whatever works to achieve your business goals. Let’s say you want to increase your sales by ____%. That’s what we’ll actively, consciously work towards. First, we sit down to determine your target audience: we plan and we prep. If you want to reach the mountaintop, you’ve gotta get yourself in shape down at basecamp.

Any digital marketing agency worth its salt will perform search engine marketing. Google may seem like an all-powerful digital deity, but it’s a business, and same as yours, it wants to provide its customers the best experience. For a search engine, that means linking to the most credible, trustworthy sites. When someone types in “shoe store”, they want the best possible results: why show a link to a shoe store that hasn’t been updated in 10 years?

Getting you higher in the list of search results is paramount, and it’s one of our many specialties. We do a full audit, fixing, rehabilitating, or completely rebuilding your website design. We are experts at search engine optimization (SEO) and build in the right keywords to not only be more informative and precise, but also boost your ranking (this blog is enriched with them, shhhh) Oh, and don’t forget about local SEP. Isn’t that right, marketing agency Naperville, IL? 😉

We’ll also do search ads, targeted digital efforts that show up in the search engine results pages. SEM strategy is completely tailored to your budget. You give us a budget, we’ll tell you the best way to use it. An SEO agency gets you the results you need. We’re a species based on following others for safety and guidance, so high enough in the results, and a prospect’s monkey brain kicks in: “visit website.”

One of the ways we do this is through content marketing. You can pay someone to get you pay per click. Or, you can create something someone actually wants to interact with, then seamlessly slip it on social media to gain organic traffic. Instead of the advertising of old, content offers value to the customer. Maybe it’s something that makes them smile or laugh, like an interactive video. Maybe it’s something informative they can’t get elsewhere, like a case study or white paper. This is the exact kind of content we produce, and why we’re one of the best creative agencies around. This kind of full service marketing agency is one you want to look out for, because these agencies offer your most well-rounded chances at success. Great graphic design: it’ll be primed and pointed at the right target.

How we do that is data. “Data,” like marketing or content, is another all-important buzzword that gets confusing, but in our context it’s customer information that can be used to predict their needs, desires and future behavior. Because data’s your best bet for ROI, it’s important to have an agency who knows how to harness it. Your CRM (customer relationship management) will absolutely benefit from data input and analysis. But we’ll let you in on our little secret: data isn’t just digital. Data exists everywhere. That old rolodex of cold calls? That’s data. Your favorite customer’s birthday? Data. When we pair ideas with the right research, data directly affects your ROI for the better.

If all of this sounds like a headache, we also offer outsourced marketing: where we act as your in-house marketing director, and you leave everything to us. The benefit is twofold: you cut costs and relieve stress by having your own in-house agency and liaison (I’m sure you’re not very excited to manage your email marketing), but you also access the hidden benefits of professional services. Because we’re directly embedded and engrained with your staff, we build a relationship. And because we’re not siloed into an agency role, we get an even more intimate understanding and gather insights we otherwise wouldn’t have gained. You’d be amazed what gets lost in translation and red tape, and floored by how many times an employee’s offhand comment sparks a game-changing idea. (Remember every episode of House, where the stumped doctor walks into Wilson’s office to chat about something seemingly unrelated, then bolts out with a brilliant realization? It’s like that.)

There’s so much more a marketing agency can do for your bottom line: if you typed in “Naperville marketing agency” or “marketing agencies in Des Moines,” we’re glad to meet and tell you some more. And your search might just be over.

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