Things to Consider When Developing Your Brand

Aug 24, 2021

An effective brand is essential for the success of a business. It’s your calling card and your reputation all in one.

Launching a brand is no easy task. That’s where we come in. What follows is a rundown on branding: what it is and what you should consider when crafting a brand.

What is a brand?

Brand, as a term, refers to a marketing concept that aids people in identifying a particular product, company, or individual. A brand is more than just a recognizable name and logo. It’s how people perceive your business.

There are many factors that go into brand development. Your business’ name, logo, colors, fonts, and reputation all play a role.

Having a solid, consistent brand is key when it comes to business success. Without an effective brand, you risk your business wallowing in obscurity.

Now you know what a brand is, here’s what you should consider when developing your own.

Know your audience

Branding is a conversation you have with your target audience so you must know who you’re talking to. You should know who they are, what makes them happy, what frustrates them, and so on.

A great way to get to know your target audience is to create audience personas. A marketing tool, an audience persona is a fictional person that acts as a stand-in for your ideal target market. Using personas, you’ll be able to better target your brand.

Know your positioning statement

Your brand must have clarity and focus. This is where your positioning statement comes in.

A positioning statement is one or two sentences that stake your claim on the market. It should make clear:

  • Your product or service
  • Your target market
  • Your value proposition
  • How you differ from the competition

Your positioning statement isn’t necessarily something you open to the public, rather you use it to inform and build your brand from within the company.

Choosing your business name

Your business name is often the first impression of your brand, so you have to get it right. There are a number of factors that make for a great business name.

For starters, it must be unique. You will need to buy domain names and claim social media handles for your brand. Having a unique business name ensures these will all be available.

Your company name must also be memorable and easy to spell. People can and will search for your business name on search engines and websites. They must be able to recall and spell your company name easily.

Finally, your name should evoke the feelings you want to be associated with your brand. You wouldn’t name a boating company Sloth Enterprises, for instance.

Develop a solid brand

Your brand is your business’ fingerprint – it must be memorable, consistent, and unique. Now you know a little more about branding: what it is and what you should consider as you develop your own branding. Still not sure where to start, or feel like you need help getting the creative juices flowing? MACLYN is here to help. We can help develop your brand and build all the assets that you need with a new brand – redesigned social media profiles, a new website, new content and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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