The Benefits of Strong Brand Identity

Mar 26, 2021

There are some brand names and logos that virtually everyone recognizes. Let’s take Coca-Cola as an example. The company’s core product is simple – a deliciously sweet beverage – but their branding evokes a whole host of thoughts and feelings. Over the years, the marketing brainboxes at Coca-Cola have worked hard to portray their products as the go-to beverages for everyone, including fashionistas, families, health-conscious adults, and teens via smart promotional choices and viral advertisements. Let’s not forget the excitement with which many await the famous Coca-Cola Christmas ad.

While it would be unrealistic to expect every company to reach such heights of brand development, building a buzz around your company name is a surefire way to boost your customer base and grow your business. Here are a few reasons why your brand marketing strategy should focus on identity-building:

1. Branding boosts recognition

Crafting an instantly recognizable brand identity is very helpful if you want to remain competitive in your industry. Consumers like to invest their money in familiar brands, particularly if the company logo carries a certain social cachet or its services are popular amongst friends and social networks.

2. Smart branding builds trust

Most consumers are creatures of habit, meaning they’re less likely to take risks when purchasing goods and services from brands they’ve never heard of. Fortunately, you can quickly build up trust by aligning your brand’s voice and aesthetic with the needs of your consumers.

3. Sleek branding attracts top talent

Dynamic young talent is fundamental to business growth, so it is vital you attract the cream of the crop with modern branding that sells a strong vision. Remember that potential employees are looking for more than a job. They are looking for fulfilling work that speaks to their values and goals.

4. Strong brand identity keeps employees engaged

Employees who believe in a brand are more likely to feel satisfied in their role and take pride in their work. They want new friends and acquaintances to be impressed (and perhaps a little jealous) when they reveal their place of work, as it helps them to feel motivated and engaged. In terms of business benefits, strong engagement will reduce staff turnover and improve productivity.

5. Robust branding attracts new customers and boosts profits

While it is difficult to precisely measure the financial gain of any branding strategy, it is widely accepting that working hard to develop a sleek and reliable brand identity is a very effective way of boosting your customer base, improving sales, and ultimately increasing profits. What’s more, companies with a recognizable brand who trade publicly on the stock exchange are more likely to reap significant rewards.

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