The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Feb 10, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like the long hike of marketing. It has peaks and valleys that eventually lead to a beautiful vista of long-lasting, organic traffic and success.

Ahh. Smell that fresh mountain air.

If you ask a marketing agency, we will tell you that the top 5 organic search results get nearly 70 percent of all clicks for that keyword. Investing in SEO is an investment in your business that pays massive dividends when done well.

Plus, it positions you as a trustworthy expert in your industry, which is always a fantastic feeling.

Now, here is your chance. Find out why website owners spent upwards of $80 billion on SEO alone by considering these 7 benefits.

Benefit #1: Quality Traffic

Increased website traffic is just one benefit of SEO, but it also provides high-quality traffic, aka primo. Since SEO is geared for a customer-centric experience, it will help you deliver your web content to people actively searching for your services or goods.

And did we mention that it is all organic (i.e., you do not pay for advertising)?!

Speaking of which…

Benefit #2: Great Returns

SEO offers an impressive ROI. While it may take several months or more to see massive results, this channel offers a nearly 15 percent close rate, 25 percent higher than other marketing channels.

You could also think of search engine optimization as a way to create a foundation that is central to your market position. Instead of relying on social media or PPC ads, you make the investment into your website for the long-term.

Think of it as your own little slice of paradise on the web. A search engine optimization agency will help you achieve this result.

Benefit #3: 24/7 Traffic

Unlike social media posts, ad campaigns, and traditional methods, your website’s “open” sign is always on, long after your physical location is closed.

Since your content is available 24/7 on search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it is a pipeline that continues to deliver traffic (even when you are curled up in bed at night).

With at least 70,000 Google searches happening every second, rest more comfortably knowing that SEO is working for you.

Benefit #4: Drives Marketing Funnels

Content marketing is driven by SEO in many ways. While we should always focus on messaging for our target audiences, marketers look for high-volume keywords.

We then use keywords to develop content assets.

This process creates a customer-centric website that brings in new business routinely. It is a process that has worked for over 20 years.

Benefit #5: SEO Makes SEM Better (And vice versa)

SEO enhances your search engine marketing efforts and vice versa. When you rank in the top results through SEM and SEO, you increase your chances of converting potential customers.

Your SEO data can also be used to optimize your PPC results by several points.

Synergy is always a wonderful thing.

Benefit 6: Gain Massive Search Visibility

With the noise of the digital marketing era around us, it is refreshing to exist in a marketing channel where customers actually want to hear from you. If you want to create an influential brand or business, it is critical to invest in your search visibility on the web.

We beg you.

Remember that if you are ranking on page 2 or lower, you see far fewer clicks than those in the top spots. Hiring an SEO marketing agency is vital to managing keyword research, content, user experience, and website health, which are all ranking factors.

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