MACLYN needs a social juggernaut.

Someone who can speak exclusively in Emoji.

Someone who can slide effortlessly into my DM.

Someone who lies awake at night writing the next great American InstaStory.

If you struggle against the “good enough,” if you reject the easy and the obvious to seek out the truly original, let’s create together.

No. Let’s make things that will change the world.

If you are a natural-born influencer eager to share your Finstagram account with MACLYN, give this a like, a love or the octopus emoji & carry-on.

Things that you will need to be exceptional at MACLYN:

    • Create fiercely unique big idea content and campaigns across all social media channels that strengthen and empower brands
    • Understand client audiences and select the most relevant Social Media platforms to utilize what will best elevate their brands
    • Cater creative, campaigns & content to resonate within specific Social Media channels
    • Live on the razor’s edge of social trends to sustain and amplify maximum engagement
    • Collaborate with fellow creators to determine concept, strategy and direction of social media initiatives that champion the overarching brand idea or campaign
    • Bring to Social that which has yet to be created, attempted or conceived

Things that will start the conversation:

  • Experience creating mind-blowing, sky shattering work in the social Omni-verse that turns your followers into profile pic flag-waving zealots
  • An unconventional writing skillset, an eye for design, knowledge but not dependence on Photoshop and most importantly expertise in the popular and ever-emerging social platforms. Basically, the Tools to excel in the Craft of Social Media.
  • Preferred agency experience, but don’t be shy if you have mad skills from elsewhere
  • Bachelor’s degree or enough experience to justify not having one

If you think you have the duende, prove it. Send along your work, resume, social media handles and salary requirements to

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