MACLYN, a boutique marketing agency in the Chicago area, is looking for a talented and creative human to join our team. We’re looking for a copywriter… or maybe a brand storyteller… or a content creator… or… um…

…Look, it doesn’t actually matter to us what you call yourself. What matters is who you are – motivated, creative, eager to learn – and what you can do.

We’re looking for someone with balance. Or maybe the right kind of lopsidedness. If you’re primarily a copywriter, but you also have social media skills, you might be a good fit. If you’re primarily a content creator who spends most of your time making greatness on social media, and you have solid writing skills, you might also be a good fit (who knows? maybe even a good-er fit!).

What’s really important is that you can do the following stuff:

  • Write engaging copy for social-media posts.
  • Write long-form content. Blogs, brochures, websites, etc. You’ll definitely want to include some long-form samples in your submission.
  • Work with a designer/art director to make creative work with harmonious visuals and copy.
  • Meet deadlines. Listen to feedback. Do research. All that good stuff.
  • Proof your work. When you submit copy, it should have that nice, polished sheen.

Ideally, you can also:

  • Create/edit videos, imagery and audio content for social media. This could include shooting the photos/videos yourself.

How many years of experience do you need under your belt?

See, that’s another area where what you have done is less important than what you can do. In a perfect world, you’ve worked at an agency for a few years, and you can dazzle us with your encyclopedic portfolio.

But what if you’re fresh out of college and your portfolio is on the slim side? That’s okay, too. Just find a creative way to dazzle us with your skills and show us that you have the right stuff, and we’ll talk. Trust me—we’re very dazzle-able over here.

Think you have the right balance and/or lopsidedness? Interested in the kind of work we do? Send your resume, cover letter, a link to your portfolio, and bribes to

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