Black: sophisticated. Yellow: happy. Orange: energetic. Green: prosperous.

And red…


…red means war.

If art is a war and war is an art, you’ll find MACLYN’s new art director storming the battlefield with an arsenal of colorful inspiration: Psychology. Music. Shades of a muse called “life.”

Before she became an Enemy of Average, Rebecca earned a bachelor’s in Advertising and Visual Communications Design at Purdue University. She learned how to make great art (which opens hearts & minds) and great advertising (which opens wallets, too). Between classes, she gathered inspiration everywhere she could: Kayaking down the DuPage River, kicking up sand on the volleyball court, keeping her finger on the pulse of popular culture. And when she paused at these moments and listened, really listened, that’s when she noticed milestones that others missed…

“Remember when Google went from serif to sans serif? That was… crazy.”

Now, as a Junior Art Director at MACLYN, Rebecca channels her emotional intelligence to create advertising that emotes and branding that evokes – all while hunting for the elusive white rabbit of style, shape and color that makes you feel… not just feel, but feel just the right shade of emotion. An emotion as specific, as singular as a pantone hue.

Since the very beginning, this pursuit has colored her life.

“I colored on the walls when I was younger. I colored all the time. I used to make paper dolls with Prismacolor Markers. Everything… it seems like it’s all lead up to this.”

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