Jose is a visual storyteller who captures moments colored with meaning and style: a proposal on a city street, a tropical island wedding, a cherry cliff-diving into an iced coffee in glorious slow-motion.

When a small scene has the potential for big emotion, Jose is at his best.

And while he loves capturing the little things in life, the filmmaker/photographer can do booming, dramatic scenes, too. With his drone humming overhead and a Sony in his hands, Jose has skirted the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas, narrowly dodged the blades of a giant Midwestern wind turbine, rolled down Lakeshore Drive in a supped-up Mercedes, and photographed lightning crashes over a concrete jungle.

Today, as MACLYN’s resident Content Creator, Jose channels his passion for visual storytelling into each client’s brand. With nothing but a camera and an eye for emotion, he takes us to places we’ve never been – and gives us a new way of seeing the things we think we know.

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