A patient is never just a patient. They are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters – artists, dreamers, families. They are the inspiration. They are the outcome. They… are human.

At IMRIS, we see patients the way surgeons see patients. And as we create the world’s most advanced hybrid surgical theatres, this human connection drives us to elevate not only the medical experience… but the human experience.

Consult. Design. Create. Support.

IMRIS: For the Human Experience.

IMRIS is more than a medical technology provider. So, when they came to MACLYN for a re-brand, we gave them something more. We crafted a new vision: a company that defies the traditional role of a technology supplier – a leader, an innovator, a visionary, transcending the confines of its own industry to elevate the human condition.

From digital advertising to an experimental black-box theatre production, MACLYN didn’t just rebrand IMRIS.

We brought humanity back to healthcare.