The Bureau of Flapjackery

Enlistment Notice

RSVP for: Join the Fight: A MACLYN Flapjack Extravaganza

You are hereby enlisted to REPORT MAY 3RD at MACLYN’s Des Moines bunker for a FLAPJACK-FLIPPING EXTRAVAGANZA, celebrating the alliance of Saturday Mfg. and MACLYN in a united front against all things AVERAGE. The evening’s operations include: free flapjacks, open bar, DJ, Nerf Gun firing range, and a live eagle that, we are told, will sing the National Anthem on command. RSVP below.

MAY 3, 2019 | 5 pm MACLYN

1717 Ingersoll Avenue | Bay #121 | Des Moines, Iowa 50309

The Bureau of Flapjackery a division of the Department of defiance Against average.