the warrior culture

We’re more than creatives and strategists.

We’re an army of Creative Warriors. Artists, writers, planners, digital savants, advertising zealots, and social-media gurus – hailing from some of the world’s most respected agencies.

As Creative Warriors, we live by a code.

We champion ideas

(because a brand is nothing without one).

We put aside our egos and fight together. Lone wolves become a pack. Wandering samurai become a Spartan militia: side-by-side, shield-to-shield, each and every day.

No matter the project, no matter the client, no matter the scope – we challenge our fellow warriors to push further, create greater, burn midnight oil by the gallon, and generally be more awesome than we ever thought we could be.


…At the Week’s End,

We Tap the Keg And

Celebrate Our Victories.

our creative warriors

Meet MACLYN’s Finest.

Bill Murphy | Managing Partner

Bill leads our clients and our agency into the future.

As the battle for consumer hearts & minds evolves, Bill brings together talented people and impactful technology – pushing MACLYN to the forefront of our industry while continually achieving real results for our clients. All the while, he fights to uphold the “Enemy of Average” philosophy, the vision that has brought us to where we are today.

Jay Paonessa | Vice President & Executive Creative Director

Jay is the driving force behind all MACLYN creative work.

For more than 22 years, Jay has developed blue-chip brands at the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies. He has led creative work for Coca-Cola, Citibank, Gatorade, Intel, McDonald’s, Phillip Morris, and United Airlines, among others. During his tenure, Jay has been awarded numerous accolades for his breakthrough work, including Addys, Reggies, Pros, Globes and Shortlists in the Clios and Cannes.

As the Vice President & Executive Creative Director of MACLYN, Jay relentlessly pursues excellence in all things creative. He champions idea-driven work and rallies our Creative Warriors to always push further, be greater, and never settle for average.

Marc Hausmann | Founding Partner

Marc has been here since the beginning, in 1995, when he built MACLYN from the ground up.

As Founding Partner, Marc brings new clients to MACLYN and maintains legacy relationships. He knows the power of a big idea. He’s seen it first-hand. Now, he’s leading an agency that uses ideas to change the world.

Brick by brick, client by client, victory by victory, Marc brings his vision to life.

Ray Kinney | Founding Partner

Ray helps build our client portfolio by making big promises and delivering on them. He believes that the best way to get new business is to do a job so damn well, they can’t help but recommend you. It’s working.

Ray has an unmatched presence in our surrounding community. He has been an active member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce since 1984. He was founding Director of First Community Financial Bank. He sits on the Board of Directors for numerous organizations, including: North Central College, Little Friends, Choose DuPage, the Naperville Development Partnership, and way too many to list here.

You know what? Instead of us attempting to explain Ray, you should just come in and meet him.

Brian Sauer | Creative Director, Des Moines Partner

Big ideas are good. Planet-sized ideas are better.

Brian develops brands rooted in mind-blowing, magical ideas. He believes that our clients deserve creative work that surprises, delights, and challenges the world to think bigger. Today, as an award-winning MACLYN Creative Director, Brian taps into decades of agency experience and a holographic universe of pop culture – ask him about his G.I. Joe collection – as he leads our brands to victory.

Brian is also a leader in Des Moines’ advertising, art and cultural community. He co-founded the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Des Moines’ student outreach program and helped launch 80/35, the city’s biggest, baddest annual music festival.

Lauren Koeller | Vice President, Public Relations

Lauren is our resident Media Relations specialist.

For more than 20 years, she has honed her skills at big-name PR/Media agencies, managing public relations and leading national, multi-faceted campaigns for clients like Milk, Big Ten, Athletico, Taco Bell, Pepsi, and Campbell’s Soup. Now, her mission is to frame the way the world sees our clients.

On any given day, Lauren captures limelight in a bottle, puts things in perspective, wrangles the media, moves the movers, shakes the shakers, and brings our brands to center stage.

Daniele Ethier | Group Accounts Director

After graduating from Michigan State University, Danielle hopped a 747 to pursue a career in big agencies and big brands, an adventure that took her across the country and around the world. She traveled to San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Sydney, where she worked for agencies like Ogilvy, McCann, Publicis and Hal Riney.

Skilled at relationship-building and getting-the-project-done-by-the-deadline-no-matter-what-ing, Danielle worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands: Huggies, Kodak, HP and Nikon, among others.

Now, as MACLYN’s Group Account Director, she’s determined to help our clients achieve their brand objectives through creativity.

Courtney Healy | Strategy Director

Courtney is always thinking 5 moves ahead.

As Strategy Director, Courtney positions our creative work for maximum impact, so our clients can dominate the competition. She researches our brands, audits industries, builds profiles on target markets, and develops & executes strategic marketing plans.

Courtney is a master strategist who sees patterns where others don’t. Never play her at chess.

Kevin McMaster | Senior Account Executive

If you’re a MACLYN client, you probably have Kevin on speed-dial.

Kevin is a master at developing and nurturing relationships. (He’s found that a martini is a good place to start.) And he knows how to transform those relationships into business excellence. As a manager, marketer and communicator, Kevin learned everything he knows from tenures at Hollywood Casino Joliet and the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Today, as MACLYN’s Senior Account Executive, Kevin works closely with clients to develop their brands and achieve real results.

Brent Seehafer | Senior Web Developer

Brent has the mind of a developer and the heart of a creative. (With the discerning tastes of a true coffee snob.)

Before he was MACLYN’s Senior Web Developer, Brent was a creative – building brand campaigns at top-tier agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson and Flair Communications.

Today, Brent taps into his creative background to craft beautiful (and beautifully functional) digital brand experiences. He goes beyond excellent web design to capture the story of the brand.

Mike Naples | Associate Creative Director

Mike is both a team leader and a creative juggernaut.

For more than 17 years, Mike has developed globally recognized brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, all while moonlighting as a world-renowned oil painter. He’s kind of a big deal.

Today, as MACLYN’s Associate Creative Director, Mike leads our Creative Warriors into battle. His mission? Fight for our clients, defend the big ideas, and stand tall in the face of average.

Johnny Tijerina | Senior Art Director

Johnny pushes our brands further than we thought possible. Just when we’re about to call it a day, he introduces an idea that takes the project to the next level.

Johnny picked up his “be greater, go further” attitude at a handful of major league creative agencies, where he developed big-ticket brands like Texas Christian University Football, the Armed Forces Bowl, Fort Worth Zoo, AT&T Performing Arts Center and Leapfrog.

Today, as Senior Art Director at MACLYN, Johnny pursues greatness in all brands, through art direction, design, animation, video production, and whatever craft the project demands.

Troy Kelleher | Senior Copywriter

Troy has a quiver full of adjectives, verbs, and nouns. He also has several adverbs, and he’s not afraid to use them.

As MACLYN’s Senior Copywriter, Troy gives each brand a distinct voice and rich personality. He immerses himself in the client’s world to uncover hidden truths, find the story within, and hit the target just right.

Ian Rigg | Copywriter

Ian Rigg is Banality’s Bane.

An artistic astronaut with an amazingly apt application of alliteration in his arsenal, Ian always aspires to annihilate Average.

He is proudly engaged in the theater of combat as a copywriter – no, copyfighter – with the happy few of MACLYN. The merry band knows they can always depend on the offbeat actor’s strange and sincere blend of clever ideas and compelling delivery.

J.R. Kinney | Account Executive

Mulligans? Bogeys? Hazards? Forget about it.

As an Account Executive at MACLYN, J.R. partners with our creative team to make sure clients get the results they deserve, while overcoming any sand traps along the way.

He’ll tell you – in both business and golf, it’s all about drive, impact and follow-through. And eagles. Eagles are pretty sweet, too.

Season Travelbee | Art Director

In addition to probably having the coolest name in the world (we think she’s a secret agent), Season draws her inspiration from the most eclectic places – local flea markets, dusty book shops and her very own house full of cats.

As a MACLYN Art Director, Season transforms that inspiration into award-winning campaigns. She combines her creative whimsy with her strategic instincts to develop captivating work that gets serious results.