What Is Post-Production and Why Is It Important?

Sep 22, 2021

Today, countless people slap a filter on pictures before uploading to social media or edit their Instagram Reel to feature slick transitions. These nifty, automated tricks give the public a taste of post-production – but it’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Post-production is the third and final stage of a video creation project. It involves various stages and countless hours behind a laptop screen. Editors are the unsung heroes of video creation, taking raw footage and transforming the content into a powerful and inspiring end product.

Let’s explore what happens in post-production and the critical role that it plays in video content creation.

What Is Post-Production?

Video production involves three very distinct steps, all revolving around the production. However, don’t be misguided and think that production is the most important part of the process. Each step plays an equally valuable role in a successful project.

Pre-production – preparing and planning for the day(s) of filming
Production – filming the footage through videography techniques
Post-production – editing the footage and assembling the final product

As the last step in the process, the importance of post-production cannot be overstated. It has the final say in how the video will turn out. There are several elements of post-production that make up the entire process.

Video Editing

Assembling, reviewing, and cutting the footage are all steps involved in producing the rough cut of the film. Many hours are spent categorizing the footage, selecting which shots to use, and splicing the rough version together.

Color Correction and Grading

Contrary to popular belief, the original edit is just the start. Once the rough cut has been produced, the editor shifts focus to color correction and grading. During this process, the editor will adjust the white balance and make sure that each frame follows on from one another.

Visual Effects

Believe it or not, but the Star Wars franchise wasn’t actually filmed in space.

Visual effects play a key role in video production, often without the audience being aware. Special effects are applied in the post-production stage, usually using a green screen or CGI. On a more basic level, graphics and animated text are also added to brand videos during this stage of post-production.

Audio Editing

Sound is a critical part of post-production. The captured sound needs to be synced to the appropriate clip, sometimes a voice-over needs to be added, and foley sounds are used to enhance the viewer’s experience. Balancing the audio, adding music, and tweaking the final product are all part of the post-production process.

Let’s Not Forget: Video Content Marketing

Although it’s not technically part of post-production, video marketing is also important. If you ask any video content marketing agency, they will tell you that the planning and preparation that goes into launching a video is essential to achieving reach and leaving an impact.

Bringing It All Together

On its own, the post-production industry is estimated to continue growing and reach an estimated $11.52 bn value by 2025. Does this figure indicate the immense value of post-production?

There are several reasons that so much is invested in post-production. By cutting footage into a logical and powerful sequence, the work done during production is put to good use. Consider the following benefits of post-production as a starting point.

● Share quality video to boost brand image
● Make the most of your investment by producing exceptional work
● Drive home the message of your video
● Achieve the goal of the video with regard to concept and vision

Post-Production in Des Moines, Naperville & Chicago

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