What is a Design Agency?

Sep 25, 2020

As an omni-service marketing agency, we get it. We are also a design agency. We get certain questions a lot: what is a design agency? What does a design agency do? What does a design agency focus on? Well, the standard answer is that a design agency is a creative firm focused on how brands look, sound and feel, in order to make products and services more enticing to consumers. For us, it’s more of a ‘why’.

Creative design is the key. Our design process is driven by one thing: the visual solution. The compelling blend of font, composition, color and imagery that makes it all click. The work that immediately stops the endless social media scroll to bask in it. That wins the beauty contest of brands.

There’s lots of good looking brands out there in 2020, but to really shine, the work needs to have a unique visual identity. An ownable aesthetic is the true essential: in the sea of sameness, you want to stand out, or you’ll sink. Creative agencies beat their heads against the wall to try to achieve this, but we know something they don’t: the best brands are something surprising, yet intimately familiar. Something remarkable, but backed by research.

Many design agencies are boutique by nature: but just because a small business is good at graphic design doesn’t mean they’re not digital marketing and brand strategy experts. Many design agencies work with another marketing agency or an outside consultant, but at MACLYN, everything is under one roof. When done right, marketing and design are a holistic, inseparable pair. We know that great design dims in the dark without a target, but also that the best marketing research money can buy is useless without the right work to pair it with. Think of it like music and lyrics: when they gel, they’re unforgettable.

Good design services fulfill more than form: they fulfill function. The creative process must never forget the user: what good is a toy if no one can figure out how to play with it? Our web designers are masters of UX – of user experience. They spend hours asking the deep-drilling questions: how is layout primed for readability? What are a site’s accessibility features? How is it responsive to HTML5 to perform on both mobile AND desktop? As WordPress developers, our design and development process is geared to balance with ease of backend use for you, the client: it’s great if it’s pretty, but it’s nothing if it’s not fully customizable and easy to update.

As a marketing design hybrid, we do more than just design: we know your audience. As an award winning digital design firm, we work until it shines, the way you deserve. With offices in Naperville and Des Moines, MACLYN owns the Chicago and the East Polk metro (if you know any San Francisco property that doesn’t require giving up our firstborn child, call us). The creative commerce solution you’ve been searching for is just a click away.

Maybe you’re here because you Google searched “design agency naperville.” But after working with us, you won’t ask “what is a design agency,” because we’ll give you an answer to “who” is a design agency: it’s MACLYN.

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