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Thelma’s began in 2011 with a simple idea: make delicious treats using Great-Grandma Thelma’s snickerdoodle recipe then share them with the world. But first, the mother-and-son team needed a brand that conveyed homemade goodness.

big idea

big idea

We teamed-up with Thelma’s to build a recognizable brand from scratch. We carefully crafted the name, brand identity, award-winning packaging, and full-fledged marketing strategy around a timeless brand promise: joy.


real results

Today, you’ll find Thelma’s delicious treats in more than 1,300 stores, from Minnesota to Texas. Even if you’re 1,000 miles from home, the ice cream sandwiches still taste like a handmade treat from grandma’s house. Thelma would be proud.


Brand Development:

A Big-Time Identity with a Homemade Flavor

Our team crafted a brand identity that captures the warmth and nostalgia of grandma’s kitchen while incorporating iconic, instantly recognizable visual cues that position the brand for national success. It’s the kind of brand grandma would develop (if grandma had a badass team of creatives and strategists backing her up).

thelmas box

Award-Winning Package Design:

Creating an Iconic Delivery Box

Although our initial budget was limited, we knew the delivery box would be many customers’ first introduction to Thelma’s. Why not design a box that could double as a brand icon? Our custom delivery box serves up hot, tasty treats the way you like ’em best: straight from the oven. In addition to garnering awards and international recognition, the arrival of the oven box warms hearts and tummies throughout the Des Moines metro.

Product Launch:

Making Ice Cream Cool Again

It’s pretty simple: Premium ice cream smushed between two Thelma’s cookies = the best thing ever. Period. Our team worked with Thelma’s to introduce this genius handmade treat to the market through a comprehensive creative identity and tactical execution.

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Brand Activation:

Mobile Ice Cream Truck

It’s funny – once you taste Thelma’s treats, you will come back for another and another and another and… well, you get the picture. To recruit even more loyal customers, our team crafted unique brand activation stations – like this sweet mobile treat truck – for festivals and community events. Fans everywhere can’t get enough. Let’s face it; they’re as hooked on Thelma’s as we are.

Retail Partnerships:

Sealing the Deal

Thelma’s has come a long way from grandma’s kitchen. Through creative brand development and strategic implementation, we’ve helped Thelma’s secure deals with major retailers like Target, Hy-Vee, Kowalski’s Markets, Casey’s and more.

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