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the challenge

Maul was ready for the next level of client, but their brand wasn’t. Their website & marketing materials didn’t do justice to their passion, experience and quality. They deserved better.

big idea

big idea

MACLYN crafted a new Maul brand all about “giving your ground the respect it deserves.” Its gritty visuals, confident attitude and powerful message elevate Maul above the competition.


real results

By establishing Maul as an industry leader and getting them the respect they deserve, we increased their revenue by 30% in the first year alone.

Research & Discovery:

Understanding Maul’s Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified Maul’s target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Google Analytics and other data sources.

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Creative Brand Development:

Building Respect

MACYLN crafted a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style that’s attracting large-scale clients. Maul’s new brand is gritty and powerful, built on the hard-earned respect of 30 years in the paving business.


revenue increase
since brand launch

Omnichannel Brand Presence:

Elevating Maul’s Market Value

We implemented the new Maul brand across all digital channels, from Google ads to social platforms. This generated new leads from high-level clients – while, according to qualitative & quantitative testing, the new brand significantly elevated Maul’s perceived market value.

Social Platform Management:

Leading the Industry Conversation

MACLYN engages Maul’s target market with organic content, on-the-job imagery, company-culture stories, and shareable thought-leadership blogs.

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from search & display

Targeted Digital Advertising:

Building New Leads

Maul’s digital advertising targets potential clients and drives them to the new website, where we collect their information and generate new leads.

Website Development:

Setting the Foundation

MACLYN developed a UX-friendly website with enhanced UI imbued with Maul’s brand promise.

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Thought-Leadership Content:

Paving the Way for Success

Maul’s highly shareable content showcases their insider-knowledge and offers seriously helpful advice – reinforcing their status as an industry thought-leader.

Strategic Search Optimization:

Dominating Google from the Ground-Up

Using strategic keywords, we optimized relevant search-engine results for Maul, driving target markets to visit the website and submit a bid.



search, display,
and remarketing


Sales Materials:

Earning the Respect Maul Deserves

The polished look and distinct voice of Maul’s sales materials elevated their perceived market value and augmented the sales team.