the challenge

The age of the traditional accounting firm is over. Now, businesses are demanding a new kind of leadership. To succeed in this new world, Klein Hall needed to reposition itself as the financial leader of tomorrow.

big idea

With “The Future of Finance is Here,” MACLYN branded Klein Hall as the next generation of financial leadership – nimble, creative and ready for tomorrow.

real results

Since we launched in December 2018, we continue to generate leads, expand market awareness and drive recruitment through a full suite of branding services.

Brand Development:

Introducing the Futurist

She’s not an “accountant.” She’s the Futurist, the official spokesperson of Klein Hall, and she’s here to lead your business into the future. As we developed the Klein Hall brand, we introduced a spokesperson to connect with our target market and explain complex financial concepts in a way everyday people can understand. The Futurist is confident, approachable, dependable and refreshingly fun. In other words, she’s Klein Hall.

Idea-First Website:

Generating Leads and Educating our Audience

We developed a content-rich website that attracts visitors with engaging thought-leadership, educates the audience on Klein Hall’s services, and generates new leads.

Social Media Management:

Engaging our Target Market

MACLYN’s social-media team continues to develop the Klein Hall brand, with a distinct approach for each platform. We engage our various markets with relevant thought-leadership, organic posts and video content featuring our spokesperson.

Recruitment Campaign:

Attracting Top Talent

As Klein Hall continues to grow, the firm must attract the industry’s strongest talent. Our omnichannel #FinancialFuturist recruitment campaign draws on data about the financial industry’s “biggest talent attractors” – like work-life balance and a focus on innovation – to engage top recruits.

Content Curation:

Leading the Industry in Ideas

Our team produces engaging, timely content that connects with our audience, drives them to the Klein Hall website and generates new leads.

Targeted Advertising:

Engaging our Leads

We continue to engage our leads with fresh, relevant content and tailored digital communications, reinforcing Klein Hall’s image while driving action.