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the challenge

IMRIS had a limited market perception. To most of the world, they were “just a tech company,” but they had evolved into so much more. Their perceived value was holding them back.

big idea

big idea

MACLYN created “For the Human Experience,” a campaign that puts humanity at the forefront of medical innovation. It’s elevated IMRIS from a technology company to a global innovator.


real results

Since launch, the company’s revenue is up 30%, projected bookings are at an all-time high, and IMRIS has been established as a global industry leader.

Research & Discovery:

Understanding IMRIS’ Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified IMRIS’ target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Advanced Analytics and other data sources. If a brand is a magic idea rocket (which it is), insights are the rocket-fuel.

Creative Brand Development:

Crafting the Human Experience

MACLYN created a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style – unlike anything else in the medical industry. The emotionally charged imagery features unexpected scenes of humanity in the operating room; illustrating that, as IMRIS creates medical technology innovations, humans are always at the forefront of their work.

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Omnichannel Brand Presence:

Driving Awareness & Consideration

We implemented the new IMRIS brand across all channels, from social platforms and industry tradeshows to content-curation and targeted email campaigns.

Website Development:

Positioning IMRIS as a Global Leader

MACLYN developed a dynamic, content-rich, UX/UI-optimized website that tells the full IMRIS story while immersing audiences in The Human Experience.

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Immersive Brand-Launch Experience:

Branding IMRIS’ Company Culture

MACLYN created a brand-launch event for IMRIS’ global network of employees, designed to create brand loyalty within the company culture prior to the public launch. The evening included an immersive brand experience, a CEO address, and even a mind-blowing black-block theatre production.

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Strategic Search Optimization:

Owning the Google Experience

We optimized relevant search-engine results for IMRIS, driving target markets – including neurosurgeons, hospital administrators and key ITDMs (Information Technology Decision-Makers) – to visit the new website, where we collect their information and generate leads.

Social Platform Management & Content Curation:

Leading the Medical Industry

MACLYN transformed IMRIS’ social-media presence into a content-rich experience. Today, we continue to engage their targets with stunning imagery, case studies, human-focused posts, and emotionally impactful “Stories from the OR.”

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Tradeshow Presence:

Rising Above the Competition

To win the attention of tradeshow attendees, we have to stand out from the med-tech milieu. While the competition offers cold, sterile imagery of their products, we immerse attendees in the bold, bright world of the Human Experience.

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Branded Coffee-Table Book:

Telling the IMRIS Story

MACLYN authored The Human Experience, a long-form, beautifully produced coffee-table book that’s making its rounds in the medical community. With stunning imagery of human moments in the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, The Human Experience immerses readers in IMRIS’ culture and core values, while showcasing the company’s evolution.

Targeted Digital Advertising:

Reaching an Exclusive Community

MACLYN used micro-/geo-targeted digital advertising to connect with neurosurgeons – a community that’s notoriously difficult to reach – as well as other influential decision-makers.

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